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On a mission - my food diary

Wednesday 17th August

Breakfast: 4 PP
Fresh Melon & Strawberries 0 PP
30g Bran Flakes 3 PP
WW yoghurt 1 PP

Lunch: 7 PP
Vegetable soup (homemade with Olive Oil) 2 PP
WW crackers (3 pack) 1 PP
Tuna Salad 4 PP

Dinner: 12 PP
Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad (yum yum) 6 PP
Home made Potato salad 170g (extra light mayo & whole grain mustard) 6 PP

Curly Wurly - 3 PP
Snax - 2 PP
Apple - 0 PP
Diet Coke
Jaffa cake 1PP - well I had to eat all my points :D

Happy to share recipes if anyone would like them :eat:
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Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad (serves 2)

Dressing 2 PP

100g extra light mayonnaise
juice of ½ a lemon
1 clove of garlic (I use more as I love garlic)

75 ml water
fresh ground black pepper

2 chicken breasts ( 4 PP each)

1 dessertspoon Cajun spice
1 large or 2 small cos/romaine lettuce [500g]

Other salad vegetables if you like!

20g shaved or grated fresh parmesan 4PP (optional)

Spray oil


For the dressing, place all the dressing ingredients in a blender and blitz till smooth [leave for a few hours in the fridge to allow the flavours to infuse].

Cut the chicken into strips and sprinkle with the spice, lay the pieces out on a spray oiled or non-stick baking sheet and place in the oven for 15 mins [check the thickest piece to make sure they are cooked through].

Cut, wash and spin the lettuce & veg and place in a large bowl with the dressing.

Add the warm chicken and serve - I always drizzle a little more dressing over it :D
Thursday 18th August

Breakfast: 4 PP
Melon - 0
Strawberries - 0
WW Yoghurt - 1
Bran flakes 30g - 3

Snack - 3 PP
WW crackers 3 pack - 1
Light Philadelphia 35g - 2 (not sure on this - might be only 1)

Lunch - 5 PP
Chicken caesar salad - left overs from last night
Chicken 120g - 4
Dressing - 1
Lettuce - 0
Peppers - Red/Yellow - 0

Snack 3 PP
Curly Wurly - 3
Diet Coke - 0

Dinner - 12 PP
Strip-loin Steak - 7PP
Butterbean Mash (garlic & olive oil) 4 PP
Mangetout -0PP
Green Beans - 0PP
1/2 Veg Stock cube 1PP

ww Cupcake - 2 PP
Very Bold - 3 Jaffa cakes - 3 PP

Total - 29 Daily PP
+ 3 Weekly PP
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Friday 19th August

Breakfast: 4 PP
Melon - 0
Strawberries - 0
WW Yoghurt - 1
Bran flakes 30g - 3

Snack - 3 PP
WW crackers 3 pack - 1
Light Philadelphia 35g - 2

Milanos/Pizza Express - Margherita Leggera - 13 PP
Diet coke - 0PP

Curly Wurly sitting on my desk...will I or wont I....to be updated :D Well I did 3 PP added.

Dinner 8PP
Turkey Taco Salad - yummy
- turkey Mince 4 PP
- Lettuce
- Peppers
- mushrooms
- olive oil 1 PP
- spice mix 1 PP
- low fat cheese 2 PP


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Mmmm, that Chicken Salad recipe sounds amazing!
I’m following WW discovery. Do you know if there’s a way to convert a PP into a regular point or is it totally different?
Hi Selma, not sure about converting to the regular points system - I wonder if there is something on the WW website?
selma said:
Ooh what did you have?
Well I wasn't too bad, just got a hamburger and diet coke 7 pp BUT I did rob some of my sons chips so I think I'll round it up to 10 PP

I wanted a large quarter pounder meal lol so I'm pretty proud of myself!
Having a really tough day! My illness has decided to raise it's ugly head after weeks of being dormant :-( in ribbons
Wow, good for you. Not sure I'd have been so disciplined if I went to mcdonalds but guess that's what this journey is all about... Doing things differently!
Hope you feel better soon.
Saturday 20th August - DISASTER DAY (on several fronts!!!)

Breakfast - 4PP
Boiled Egg - 2PP
WW bread * 2 - 2 PP

Lunch - 10 PP
McDonalds Burger - 7PP
some chips... - 3 PP
Diet Coke

Dinner - Unknown...guessing 12 PP minimum
2 small slices of Pizza :-(
Turkey Taco Salad leftovers...

Family birthday Party.....49 points
Far too many Vodka & Diet Cokes
Birthday cake


Think we can all agree for a WW day - crap
nice to hang out with the family :D

Back to being good for Sunday xxx
ps thanks for the well wishes, hopefully this flare up wont last; lol as you can see from the diary I'm not letting it stop me having some fun...paying for it today hahaha
Sunday 21st August

Breakfast 5 PP
Blueberry/ Strawberry drop scones * 2

Lunch 10 PP
Chicken, Veg & Pasta broth

Dinner 8 PP
Home made Sweet Potato, butternut squash & carrot soup 6 PP
WW bread - 2 PP

Hangover pickings: 11 PP
Curly Wurly 3 PP
Snax 2 PP
Light Phili - garlic & herbs - 2 PP
WW crackers - 1 PP
Leftover cake 3 PP


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So overall a pretty disastrous weekend on the food front - oops. I'm sure I'll be paying for that at my Tuesday weigh in.
Back on track tomorrow xxx
Monday 22nd August

Morning all, here is to a great week :D

Breakfast 4 PP
Pineapple - 0 PP
Melon - 0 PP
Special K 30g - 3 PP
ww yoghurt - 1 PP

Meeting a friend for lunch so fingrs crossed I make the healthy choice!!!

Lunch - 7 PP
Leek & Potato soup - 4PP - there was cream in there!
mini brown roll - 3 PP

Dinner:12 PP

BBQ Salmon - 6PP
150g Potato salad - 4PP
Peas - 1PP
Corn - 1PP
Green Beans - 0PP

Snack: 6 PP
Curly Wurly - 3 PP
WW crackers - 1 PP
35g Light Phili - 2 PP


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