on day 5 still not in ketosis (saturday morning moan)


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hi on day 5 and still not in ketosis
have been checking my urine everyday and still no change of colour
are those sticks usual or is it a gimic
as im going to stay away from the sticks to addictive as i keep checking everytime i go to the loo its bad enough weighing yourself every day????!!!
just weight myself im down 5 ibs in 5 days so those sticks are no good to me as make me feel im not loosing weight well in ketossis when the weight losss is showing on the scales
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They can be a good guide for some, but the scales really do trump the sticks!!!!
I would guess you would be more concerned if you were in ketosis and not losing weight so honestly hun, dont put too much focus on them!
I dont even bother doing them! The scales and my body/clothes are enough to keep me happy! I dont even have the sticks in the house!
If your doing it 100% hun then the weight loss will be fabulous ireelevent of the ketosis!


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Same as lizz

Chuck the sticks away

I've never tested

If you've been ssing then your in ketosis !


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I restarted last week after Christmas/new year blip. I did not get into Ketosis all week and drove myself crazy checking. At weigh in last Sunday I had lost five pounds. I have decided to stop using them now and I have hidden the scales away as well.
Good luck and don't obsess about it too much - not easy I know


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I never used sticks eithr, at the end of the day it is the reduction of calories not ketosis that makes you lose, ketosis just helps you stay in control and reduces hunger so you don't want to eat....can't say I have ever not felt hunger, it just manages things for me x


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Being in ketosis makes absolutely no difference to how fast you lose weight. It just makes being on a very low calorie diet bearable (most of the time :)). Like others here, I'd be extremely surprised if you weren't in ketosis though.

Ketostix are notoriously unreliable. There are people on here who've lost stone after stone yet never got so much as a tinge of pink on one of those pesky sticks.

To be honest, I really don't understand why CDCs even suggest that you should be testing for ketones.

If you're doing the plan as per the book, you will reduce the amount of fat your body's carrying around. It's impossible not to. Even the weeks you don't appear to lose anything per the scales, you'll still be losing fat - it's just that water retention can mask the true result.

I often think we'd all do much better on this diet if we didn't weigh ourselves or test for ketones for the whole of the 12 weeks we're on SS or SS+, LOL.

So throw those sticks away, don't let what they say or don't say eat away at you - you're doing just fine if you're sticking to the plan 100%.

And well done on those 5 pounds lost! :0clapper:


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I never got a pink reading. Stoopid stix :D Chucked them and spent more on clothes

In defence of them though, they are reliable for what they are supposed to be checking and it isn't the levels of ketones for healthy non diabetics doing low carb diets.


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I don't show pink either and I am no longer feeling hunger pangs so am sure I am in ketosis.

Ignore the sticks and hide your scales.

Well done on your loss xx


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5lbs in 5 days is a fantastic loss. Well done. Now put the sticks away in a drawer and forget about them! :).


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The tricky thing about the stick is that if you're well hydrated then the color barely changes. If you're in the pink range then you need more water. Not to mention I've heard of some people showing pink when they're not in keto and showing null when they are in keto. They're not the most accurate things of all time. I think the defining factor will be if you feel more energetic, less hungry, less cravings etc. There are all sorts of other symptoms but those seem to be the most common. Best of luck to you!


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I used to test using these sticks when I did Lighterlife a few years back, because they were free when you turned up for a meeting. And found that I got varying results depending on how much water I had drunk that day, whether I had just had a drink before I walked into the meeting and on the one occasion I got a very positive result, I think it was because my TOTM was very imminent.

I used to frequently be in a hospital sluice room testing patients' samples for blood/protein etc when I was nursing but I just don't bother looking for ketones when I am doing CD, as other posts have stated, my evidence that its working comes from looser clothes and the scales.
As KD says, spend the money these sticks cost on new clothes!