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On only liquids on VLCD!


On A Mission!
Well done on the weight loss! thats fantastic!

Ive no idea how people do liquid vlcd's full time, you should read Starlights diary, she has been doing it for months now and has lost an incredible amount, all credit to her. It takes some superhuman will power to get through it, but the rewards in weight loss are fantastic. You just have to deal with it one day at a time i guess.

I decided to combine vlcd shakes and low carb eating, and that has worked really well for me. I actually love the shakes anyway, so have one for breakfast every day and its very filling.
Hi there! I'm not on a VLCD myself so I hope you don't mind me posting here (just tell me to shoo!) - I just wanted to comment and say well done on your weight loss, wow! :D Hopefully, like you say, this will motivate you and keep you going when it gets tough.

Reading Starlight's dairy is a great idea. I think also the mental attitude you have is important. It sounds like you are very worried at the moment (which is understandable) I am just wondering if it would help to switch your way of thinking.. instead of depriving yourself from food you are giving yourself a break from it. Like a rest from what you have been struggling with up until now.

Work out ways to relax, take it slowly, keep recording your weight, etc, and using that as motivation. :)

Which VLCD are you doing? Does it offer support that you can take advantage of? What is it that is scary for you?

And if you're finding it really impossible, is there the option of moving onto something else. For example, I'm doing slimfast and I eat 1 very reasonable meal a day as well as shakes for the other 2 and I am getting along well. Try and be flexible and realistic about what you can manage. :) Not trying to sell it to you or persuade you in any way, just an example!

Take care. xx


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I just finished my first week of my VLCD. I'm down 10 pounds already! that alone keeps me motivated however i dont get to eat.. only liquids... and now i have to do it for another week!!! don't know if i have it in me... how do others cope with this kind of stuff?? :confused:

"One day at a time" sums it up for me.

If you are SSing on a VLCD then you should already be starting to feel the effects of ketosis, one of which is actually a lack of appetite, another can be a feeling of 'well-being' walking on air.

Additionally, when in ketosis you will be burning off the excess fat stores you have accumlated. If you can, weigh yourself on one of those public scales that print out details of your weight and percentage of body fat. Do this once a month and you will see a dramatic decrease in your body fat percentage. Generally the body fat will decrease top downwards and it won't be long before you get rid of that awful midriff bulge:rolleyes:.

Look ahead to challenging times and events (i.e. birthdays, social evenings). Sit and think how you can best get through the event without (a) feeling deprived or (b) feeling pressured to eat. It is all about getting into the right frame of mind. If your family is supportive, even better.

Good luck!
Keep at it, it will get easier - you may have the odd "off" day but on the whole it is amazing how it is ok and you really don't feel hungry.

You start to learn the difference between being hungry and just wanting something to eat because a/ you like it , or b/ habit.

Well done on your impressive first week and good luck with week 2.

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