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  1. Nade

    Nade Full Member

    Hi All,

    I hope you are all good!

    Ok, I a reletively new here, so give you a bit of background.

    Currently on week 15, weight in tomorrow. The first 11 weeks I did lighterlife, then changed over the CD SS.

    I have always been a slow loser, compared to most others, I average 3 lbs a week (and I have not cheated once!). This was hard to deal with, as it feels like I have been on this diet for so long, compares to others, but I have excepted my 3lb pw average and have worked out when I should be a goal. In total, I have lost 46.5 lbs and have to lose another 31.5 to go.

    So, all well and good but......!

    I have not lost anything this week. I have been good as usual, should drink a little bit more water but I have drunk the same before.

    Now I know 1 week of not losing is not a big deal , but I ALWAYS lose between 2.5 and 3.5 a week and I a terrified that it will put back my goal date I have worked out, 25th of August.

    I know that one or two extra weeks will not kill me but I have so been targeted and focussed at this date and will be SO fed up if I dont make it! :cry:

    I know it probably sounds stupid but I have had this date in my mind, this worked out everything around it, including shopping weekend and holiday 4 weeks later! I need light at the end of the tunnel, and I need to see it and know when it is going to happen!

    Has anyone else experienced a slow down in the later stages of the diet?

    Sorry for the low post but just a bit fed up!
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  3. jackietrew

    jackietrew Will be slim!!!!!!!

    CD - Sole Source
    im not that far into my diet yet only week 4, but if you're being good then theres no reason you shouldnt lose weight! it must be so frustrating having made plans and a goal date etc, but just keep looking towards it and maybe up your water intake see if that makes any difference, you will get there hun! be strong xx
  4. xdebzx

    xdebzx Full Member

    cambridge SS

    hi, from what i have read about CD it sounds as though you may have hit a plateau with your weightloss, why dont you consider going up a step to try and give yourself a kickstart? maybe SS+ or try AAM.

    I am sure you will get a few responses to this thread with more ideas.

    good luck

    and well done on your losses to date, totally brill!!

    debs x
  5. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    There might be a week when you lose nothing but it does avrage out at a stone a month. Look at it this way end when you have the date set so what if you miss a few lbs to your goal start working up the plans then lose the last bit after the hoilday or something? I know its hard, everybody's body is just different i guess. well done on you huge loss so far.

    becky xx
  6. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Sorry you didnt lose this week, but dont worry it works itself out. I would suggest that you dont adjust your end date keep working towards the 25th of August, as your bmi is 27 you'll be moving up the plans much sooner than that anyway as you cant SS once you get to BMI 25 and you never know moving up the plans could kick start the old metabolism for you :)

    Best of luck with your next few weeks
  7. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    i think for you to have got to week 15 without a stay the same week is brilliant. Everyone will have it at some point, some sooner than others, some, like yourself, much later on.

    Keep going
  8. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Oh my goodness I can't believe how similar we are!!! I'm on Week 15, a slow loser and have lost the same amount as you, with nearly the same amount to lose as you!!!! Roll on 25th August hey?! XXX

    PS I only lost a 1lb this week and I feel gutted too!!!
  9. Nade

    Nade Full Member

    Thanks for all your advice, will always stick with it, too far down the line now, just wanted some one to moan to and cheer me up, and you have done just that, thanks!! I have not had my official weigh in this week, that is tomorrow, so I might have a tiny weight loss, but currently my own scales have not changed.

    Camilla, How weird is that! Please keep in touch via PM and tell me how you are going, I hope that we can keep encouraging each other! tell me your 5 foot four and a half and I will be amazed!! BTW, love the horse, yours? I alo spend a lot of time with Horses, as my Mum and 2. Used to ride alot up until about 2 years ago.
  10. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    SPOOKY!! Yes I'm gonna say that too!!! Yes he's mine we have 5!
    Vinny,Spell,Derek,Hatty and Roy!!! I'd love to keep in touch! XXX
  11. Nade

    Nade Full Member

    Well it was not as bad as I expected, lost 2 lbs, rahter than 0! but I still normally have 3.5 lbs!

    So I have to look at the positive, 2 is better than nothing! Just hope that I make up for it next week!

    Also wanted to make the 50lb lost this week, have less than 2 stone left to lose and be in the 10s! But will look forward to that next week as they are all only 1 to 1.5 lbs off.

    Onwards and upwards!
  12. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Absolutely! A loss is a loss! Roll on next week! XX
  13. Seaneen

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    3lbs a week is right on target for the 1st a month rule!

    I have 14lbs left to lose. I've been in the 9 stones for 8 weeks and have lost 1.5lbs in the past fortnight.
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