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On the road to slim and fit!

Ok, so I tried a food diary and since I can't post during the day I was using a paper diary and then typing it up just felt like duplication si I couldn't be bothered.

So, let's try a weight loss diary. Here I can say how I'm feeling, what exercise I've done, if anything is bothering me and anything else I want to post about.

I've done 2 weeks of SW now and I have lost 9.5lbs. I can't see a difference and I haven't noticed a difference in my work trousers yet but DH says he can see in my face that I have lost weight. I can't wait till I can see a difference and also I can't wait to buy new work trousers in a smaller size!

Today I started the C25K plan. I bought it for my touch months ago and other than looking at it I hadn't tried it. I am so pleased with myself for completing W1D1 even though it was so hard and I wanted to give up. It didn't help that I wasn't really dressed for it as I decided to go for it as I walked out the door to take the dog for a walk. I was wearing a normal bra, layered t-shirts, jeans and trainers - at least I had the trainers on!!! Next time it will be sports bra, exercise top and 3/4 length exercise trousers.

If I'm up to it I will go on the exercise bike tonight but it may have to wait till tomorrow depending on my knees.
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Hi Sleepy, You could have done the same thing on your other diary but never mind. Do hope you won't keep swopping about as noone can keep in contact with you like that and give you support and encouragement.

Well done on your loss so far and hope you will continue having success .... :)
Hi Sleepy, You could have done the same thing on your other diary but never mind. Do hope you won't keep swopping about as noone can keep in contact with you like that and give you support and encouragement.

Well done on your loss so far and hope you will continue having success .... :)
No one commented on my food diary so I doubt anyone will miss me on there! The diary is as much for me as it is for anyone to comment on although comments do help motivation :)


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Written Sunday but couldn't post for some reason!

Ok, so day 2 of my weightloss diary :)

Food wise I did ok on plan, I did have a large cookie as a treat at lunchtime but the rest of the day was on plan so I think syn wise I was ok with the cookie.

My calves were stiff this morning after yesterday's run. I need to remember to stretch properly when I get back home.

I made sure I got on my exercise bike after breakfast and did 20 minutes at 30mph+, in fact I did at least 5 minutes at over 40mph!

Hubby and I decided to go for a walk and then decided to visit a shop so instead of driving we walked there, half an hour later we got to the shop which was quicker than I expected. We then decided to walk into town from the clothes shop and decided to have lunch in a new cafe. It was gorgeous, I had a jacket potato with beans and a chocolate chip cookie. We then wandered around the shops before walking home. All in all we walked for over an hour and apart from a blister on the ball of my foot from my new sandals I felt great.

In the evening I took Zoe (our dog) for a walk, we were out for about half an hour. She was brilliant although a bit of a poo machine!

Role on tomorrow, Bank holiday Monday and a day off work.
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Ok, two days to write up.

A really good day, I spent 20 minutes on the exercise bike with over 5 minutes of it at 40mph+ which I was really pleased with. I did a load of paperwork in the afternoon, this would normally mean loads of picking at snacky foods. I got through the work by drinking a litre of fizzy water and snacking on cherry tomatoes and a cut up mini babybell.

In the evening I went for a run. I planned to do C25K W1 D2 and that is what I lined up on my touch. Unfortunatly I discovered at the end of the run that I had knocked the slider and ended up doing D1 again! That would explain why the run's were easier. The last run was really difficult but I got through it by telling myself I only had to get to the next lamp post, then I aimed for the next one. Next time I go out I really have got to do W1 D2 or I will never get anywhere!

Back to work today. I slept badly so getting up at 5.40 was really difficult. I managed to do 15 minutes on my exercise bike before my shower and breakfast. It did help to wake me up so I am going to keep using the bike first thing.

Work wasn't bad until lunchtime. I had 2nd lunch so I served pre-school's dinner - chilli and rice followed by jelly and ice cream. Knowing how the food is cooked put me off eating anything. Our cook uses loads of oil when she is cooking and being for children the jelly is full of sugar. BUT it smelt so good!

The journey home was a challenge. I had to stop at supermarket and get jacket potatoes for tomorrow and some more strawberries and raspberries. I also picked up diet coke as a trea but I had to really fight the urge to buy snack foods and chocolate to eat in the car. In the end I found a healthy option in the take out food section - 2 hard boiled eggs. I never thought I'd buy boiled eggs, they are so easy to do but never mind one of the eggs helped to deal with the cravings. I would have eaten the 2nd one but I dropped it in the carpark so I left it!

After work I planned to use My Fitness Trainer on the Wii. I bought the game a month ago but haven't been able to use it. J put the controllers on charge for me and I was looking forward to having fun. I managed to set up a profile and say I wanted to lose weight before the controller ran out of batteries - I am not impressed! I put the controllers back on charge and decided to use the bike again this evening instead.

So I managed 30 minutes on the bike at 30-40 mph. I could have kept going but my bum was numb.

I have WI tomorrow and I really hope I have done well. I have tried so hard this week and I do feel better in myself. My work trousers are beginning to get looser so that is definately a good sign. I really need to measure myself so I can see the inch loss as well as the weight loss.


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Ok, WI in today and I have lost 4.5lbs. I am so happy to have lost a stone in the last 3 weeks. I thought I'd lost weight this week but really didn't expect it to be so much.

No exercise today, I meant to get up early and use the exercise bike this morning but I couldn't motivate myself to get out of bed early as I didn't have to leave for work till 7.30.

The next week will be fine although I will be weighing at different class on Tuesday night as I am going away on Tuesday for 3 nights.

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