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One Day off plan and I STS this week :(


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I knew I would have dine some damage on Saturday (my mum's birthday) bt I still thought I would've lost weight.

Bit gutted. Still, it's my own fault.

I was so pee'd off that I ate a slice of cheesecake last night!

Anyway, back on it today and hoping for a 4lb loss this week. Fingers crossed :eek:
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Why Be Normal?
Hi Minirog --

We've almost all done this -- and getting back at it is all you can do.

Although you may have shown a STS at your weigh in, you may have lost inches. Also, you were probably holding water due to the higher carb intake and that would have fallen off faster, if you had not "punished" yourself my eating the cheescake (but, I do love cheesecake).

Keep at it, and in the future - try to plan for events by eating first, bringing our own food, or making high protein and low carb choices that will not kick you out of ketosis or railroad the CD programme entirely.

We won't be on CD forever, so we need to learn to do these things in order to maintain our losses.

I hope you have a fab weekend.

Minnieme has given you great advice!

Punishing/consoling yourself with more food when you go off plan is one of the hardest things to work through on this journey; a lot of us find putting the feelings into words on paper helpful in changing this pattern ... at the time you want to eat or as soon as possible afterwards.... and in writing try to be caring to yourself... show yourself some love not harsh criticism


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Thanks guys.

I know I have amessed up relationship with food and I so wish I could put it right. I am actually going to see a psychologist about it so we'll see if that helps!

I did try and plan what I was going to eat but it was an 'all day event'. And boy can my family eat. They had a FOUR course lunch and a birthday cake (I had one chicken breast and 3 tbs of brocolli). Then they had chocolates, I resisted. Then they brought out 'tea'. I ate my pre-prepared jelly and my bar and tried to ignore the rest of the stuff. Then we all sat at the table to play a board game and all the food was still there - people were eating whilst playing. It was too much, too hard and I caved.

When I start it is kind of 'all or nothing' thinking - I think well I've broken my diet now so I might as well..... So so frustrating.

I struggled again yesterday and I am starting to wonder if I should give it all up. I ate a funsize pack of buttons (75 cals, but carb heavy) and 5 grapes. I just can't seem to get a grip and I really need to lose these other 50lbs.

Thanks for all your help and advice


Why Be Normal?
Minirog --

You ate a "funsize" packet and five grapes... what would you have "normally" eaten?

You are working on it... each day you will get a little stronger, then somedays you might slip back, but you will make progress... unless you QUIT.

Please please don't give up... you are finding a new way of caring for yourself and this will take time to become the "norm" ..but a step each day will get you there!

And great idea about the psychologist .. I have been in psychotherapy for a year now and my relationship with food has been a hot topic many times. I have found it invaluable as I am really beginning to believe that I am OK and I am learning to recognise what my "hunger" is really about and deal with those emotions without food.

You may find this helpful to get you through Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) - Psychotherapy, Research, Training

and Part B

Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) - Psychotherapy, Research, Training

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