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one day off

Hi guys hope you are all doing well and have survived another weekend on DC, i for one always find the weekends hardest as i like too relax and eat with family etc.
So i am taking abit of a risk and i am going too try DC on a six day on one day off basis.
I have done this before on other plans with great results as i have found the day off seem too kick start the metabolic rate, but we will see.
I really do view this diet as a new life style for me and even if it takes me alittle longer too get too my weight goal, i think for me i will more likely too stick too it long term if i can still enjoy a day of relaxing and eating with my family.
I know when they first started selling DC on QVC they did a five day hamper with weekends off so who knows i will let you know how i get on as still have 10days before my weigh in, wanted too do the four weeks before i weighed.
Take care for now and good luck xxxxx
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Hi Crystel,

I think your plan makes sense. The diet is great, but a lot of the evening meals are similar.

Your plan intergrates good eating habits which you will continue after your diet anyway... Plus you get to cook, which you may be missing? I am cooking my boyfriend great meals at the weekend, as I have starting to miss cooking.

Most weeks, on a Saturday, I have a day off. I still stick to my 1200 calories, but I choose my own lunch and dinner. I eat "proper food" - chicken, tuna or salmon - something that is not a casserole!

I went out for two meals this week - Indian and Italian. I ate less than I would have done, but I suspect, I will not lose any weight this week. I am trying to keep a balance - diet vs normal life.

You are very brave not weighing for a month. That takes a lot of will power. I wanted to see quick results (and needed proof that my struggle was not for nothing), so I started off weighing myself daily! I am now weighing a couple of times a week, but Saturday is my official weigh day.

I am looking forward to you posting your one month weight loss;)
Hi small steps
thanks for the reply and support lol
I do feel i want too make this a sensible eating plan long term rather than a short term diet, where i give up so much of what i like that i just go back too eating it all when i finish the diet plan, i feel i would rather include these foods in small portions.
I think you have done great with your weight loss so far so well done you xx
I did Lighter life before this and you lose weight really quickly so didn,t want too get demotivated by smaller weight losses so thats why i try too last the month without weighing but it is hard!!!
I do miss cooking you are good too still cook for your boyfriend lol
when i have my day off i eat whatever i like but have found myself having much smaller portions already so its obviously helping already.
Will post my weight lost at in 10days.
Let me know how you get on xxx
I'm looking foward to hearing about your success. Not long to go....

Hope for 8-10lb, then anything more than that is a bonus....

best of luck.

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