One for the ladies...anyone got a Mirena or coil fitted?


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Hi there,

I was just wondering whether anyone's got a Mirena fitted (or any other type of coil in fact). I've got an appointment with my GP tomorrow to ask him about it, but I was just wondering whether any of you ladies could tell me how you get on with it? Obviously as he's a male GP he's not going to have first hand experience of having one fitted :giggle:

To be honest I'm just sick of relying on condoms (also have a mild latex allergy, so have to get non-latex condoms :eek:), and I had a DVT in 2003 so have been told I can't take the combined Pill. I know my GP should be able to advise me as to whether I'd be allowed a Mirena, but I was hoping for some info before hand. I also suffer from very heavy periods, so was hoping that if I had one fitted it might be killing two birds with one stone so to speak.

Any info would be gratefully received! :)

Sian xxx
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I got offered it but decided to go for the implant instead, I used to have the injection every 3 months but the implant was fantastic for me (despite all the recent bad press)


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I had the injection and got fine with it, stopped having periods and was great - however, once I stopped having injection it took a year for my periods to come back, so not good if you're planning a family any time soon x


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Hey dudette2001uk,
I have had a Mirena fitted since 2000, (I am on my second) and I have had a coil of one sort or another since 1976 (obviously NOT the sme one ha,ha) I had a break in 1980 to have my second child and went straight back to it, I would reccommend to any one, apart from a 12 monthly check I just forget all about it, the 1st Mirena I had no periods at all, this one I have had some spotting but that is probably due to age and the menopause. x:D


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I have had my mirena coil in for 3 years and I would definately recommend it!
I do still have periods but very light ones, which is great.
They only problems I have had are pains in my cervix now and again (not sure if the coil has caused these though, I am overdue for a smear so ?? sorry if thats tmi lol)
Would not go back to the pill, condoms or depo injection after having the mirena.
Once it's in thats it -forgotten about

Margery Dawe

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I would definitely recommend having the Mirena fitted.

I have had one since 2003 and only had it changed in October. They should be changed every 5 years, but I am just crap at getting things done on time!!! I haven't had a period since I had it fitted, apart from the first couple of months. Probably about once a year I would have a breakthrough bleed, but only a tiny amount.

I used to suffer from heavy periods and bad PMT before I had it fitted and I've never suffered from PMT since. Getting it fitted is not too bad, just uncomfortable really and you may have a few cramps after. I was really worried how I would be after I had my old one removed and a new one fitted, but I took plenty of painkillers before and didn't suffer at all.

Go for it, you won't regret it.


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I've had multiple DVTs and have been told I can only have the POP, but that might be cause I have antiphospholipid syndrome and am warfarined up to hell. lol. No idea of the mirena though, just outta interest, did your DVT swelling ever go down?
I had the mirena and bled permanently for 8 months. I'm now on the injection and have spotted for 6 months continuously so enough enough my hub offered to go for the big v!!!!!! Bless him!


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Hi Sian... I'm on my second Mirena and would highly recommend them! I had mine fitted without having had a vaginal birth, as my son was born by caesarian - apparently it's more painful and difficult to fit, but apart from a few hours of that heavy stomach period pain feeling, it was absolutely fine! I don't get periods at all now, just the odd day with a little spotting.

(BTW - you've kept that one quiet - not a certain teacher is it?! :eek::D)


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I've had multiple DVTs and have been told I can only have the POP, but that might be cause I have antiphospholipid syndrome and am warfarined up to hell. lol. No idea of the mirena though, just outta interest, did your DVT swelling ever go down?

Thank you all for your responses :) Seems like everybody has different contraceptives they do and don't get on with :)

Shrimpy - I never really had swelling with my DVT as it was a very small one. There was only something like 0.5cm difference in the size of my two calves. The doctor thought I'd just pulled a muscle, but turns out I had a small DVT, which they put down to either being very dehydrated in my work in the care home that summer, or the Dianette I'd been taking for a month for heavy periods. I still get an occasional ache when it's cold weather. Strange!

Sian xx


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Colour me jealous, my right leg is about 5cm bigger than my left. :( VERY noticeable and means I can't get high boots cause on my left leg they flap about and my right is tight and constricted!

Keep an eye on it Sian and don't forget ANYTHING odd about it and get your butt to A&E not NHS direct.


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i have had a mirena for 12 months- i have not had one day of bleeding!

i had previously bled for 4 months straight - the doc said on account of my weight, lifestyle, stress etc.

i don't use it as contraceptive though so can't comment on that.

just be prepared for the day its fitted to feel like you're giving birth for about an hour. the doc explained that its as a result of the uterus contracting in order to expel it. get a hot water bottle and lie on the sofa - an excuse to be lazy for a bit!!!!


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Hi Sian

I had my mirena fitted last year to help control my homones.

I've not had children and found it left me sore for a few days after (I also couldn't exercise the evening I had it fitted). Now I don't notice it, and usually forget all about it.

However, it had sorted out most of the hormone problems I was having and has done away with my very heavy periods. Although they do occur randomly and last much longer (I used to be extremly heavy for 3-4 days, now I don't need more than panty liners but they can last for upto 8 days - but don't occur every month). I also don't need pain killers, rather than being zonked out on feminax ultra, and haven't not done anything due to peiod pains, heavy bleeding and tiredness which used to regularly happen.


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I've had mirena for coming up for 5 years - due for a change soon. It's been fantastic. Occasional spotting for a few days in the last few months, but I think that is just a sign that it's coming to an end of it's shelf life or because of the weight loss.

Absolutely recommend it. I too have had only pregnancy c-sections and don't have any memory of much in the way of discomfort with the insertion.


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i was recommended it as my 3rd daughter was conceived while i was on the pill :eek:
i love it! 15 mins of sore felling 8 days bleeding 4 more days cramps, 3 months "proper" periods. now nothing!!! :D


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Yes mirena is good ide recommend it had 3 altogether no probs at all ;) although now they have left it in due to my age hormones and all that ha ha x

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I have had the mirena for 3.5 years now and it has been great for me. I suffered with heavy periods and pain and they have stopped. I will definitely be having another one fitted in 18 months.

Basically for 5 years you can forget about it and then just have another one!


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This ha sbeen interesting to me as I am having my first coil fitted on friday-not the mirena one tho as my docotr wants me to have one without hormones as I am premenopausal and they want to monitr what my own hormones are up to.
Thanks to everyone for sharing and fingers crossed for me !!