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One for the ladies: birth control pill and weight gain?

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Bit of an odd question:

I've been taking the pill for a few years now and a lot of my friends complained that they've put on up to a stonne while on it. However, I've no idea about myself because I've always been dilusional about my weight and yo-yoed for a while.

Have any of you noticed that? Are there brands or methods that don't affect your weight?

Wouldn't it be great to lose a stonne without even trying?
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yep I'd love to wake up tomorrow and have lost a stone :D
well I went on the pill, microgynan? can't think of how its spelt a year ago and put on a stone and a half, but thats just down to my own lack of willpower and I don't think it's the pill specifically :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Yeah, it's hard to tell, isn't it?

I take Marvelon or something... not sure how it affects me. Went to the doctor's and she said I had abnormally high pressure for my age (I think 140/something) and I'm only 21. I'm still quite healthy despite the weight I have on. The doctor said sometimes that's caused by the pill too. Hmm, would have to investigate. Maybe I could quit it and it'd solve all my problems (yeah, right).
Well, I can tell you that the pill definitely put weight on me. I lost over a stone and a half when my ex husband left me in September 2008, I went on the pill in May 2009 and put the stone and a half back on with no extra eating or reduced exercise.

Pity I cant go off it again for a while. it'd be great to lose that 21lbs so easily.


Ugly duckling going Swan.
I take the pill not for sex but to help with my heavy periods and skin problems. I recently had an appointment with the worlds rudest student doctor who lectured me over my weight. I know some pills are not good for you if you are a certain size but maybe he should have used the money he spent on his rubbish tie to buy some charm.

I did put on more weight when I went on the pill but I think it was more to do with stuff happening at the time rather than the pill itself.
I was put on Microgynon 30 at 15years old for my skin and for contraception.. The rude nurse decided to weigh me after three years and tell me I had to lose weight.. Ok so I knew I had gained weight but pointed out that perhaps she could have weighed me the every 6 months thaat I saw her! She didnt say much.. Anyway at 13stone I sort of gave up.. just ate and ate and eventually was too embarresed to go back :( I bought it online and lied about my weight :(:( bad i know but i felt I had too otherwise she wouldn't give it to me .. I am now on Slimming World and have been off the pill for nearly two months and feel so much better, less grumpy, less hungry less horible! I was an emotional wreck! Unfortunatly i am 15stone now.. but working on it! I would NEVER advise anyone to go on the pill, im sure they just try and lump everyone on the same one..

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
My doctor is fantastic, he's really fit too, looks like Clive Owen haha.

Yeah, I take it for my skin and to be able to control my periods. I remember having to change kind tho cos the one I was taking a couple years back wasn't effective anymore for someone "my size".



Ugly duckling going Swan.
I now have a good doctor but it took a lot of wading through some awful ones! :(

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Yeah I do wonder what the alternatives are. Although I'm not too fussy, I'm not taking it for its main function anyway, although sometimes it's handy but not lately (long term-long distance relationship then breakup) but like I said, I like the benefits that come with it.

I should go see my fit doctor then :D
When I was on Mycrogynon, I was constantly eating...
I'm on Cilest now, and find that I feel the urge to binge big style for mebbe one week a month, so thats better for me...

Its just willpower with me.
No way do I want a baby though.... lol
i was on the injection and everyone told me it put weight on them, but being big already i didnt notice.

im now on Microgyn*30 and am loosing weight, so again, wont notice. :)
When I was put on Microgynon I couldnt stop eating! but I also thought I was just greedy

Then I moved to depro injection and actually lost 2 stone:D

Unfortunately after 3 years because of the risk of osteoporosis(sp?) I was taken off it.

Had the implant put in, then put it all back on again plus some...:sigh:
Really? :eek:

It was suggested I went off it as I was suffering from really bad migranes, kinda to eliminate it. And to be honest it has.

I dont like being on this tho, after being on the injection for so long my periods are all over the place now, if i get one at all. Every month im having to buy a test just to make sure. :mad:


Green tea advocate!!
Sorry, i'm going to gatecrash :D

Whatever you do - don't have the implant! That was how i got to my heaviest! I put 3 stone on, wouldn't recommend it to anyone at all!! :)
I'm on cilest, and have been for years. I was much slimmer when I first started taking it, but it was at least 2 years after I started on it before I put on weight, so I'm pretty sure my weight gain has absolutely nothing to do with it.
My doctors won't put it on repeat though (because I'm now more than overweight + family history of high blood pressure) So I have to go regularly to get more. Some of the doctors I've seen (it's a big practice) want me to change to the injection or implant, but I know too many people who had long term really bad reactions to the injection so I wouldn't really consider that, and I reallllllly hate the idea of the implant so couldn't have that either. I don't see the point in changing to another pill when this one is perfect for me - no side effects, and for the most part the doctors agree with me.

Sorry for the rambling haha, I think what I'm trying to say is I think you know more than anyone else, if what your taking at the moment is working for you. If your not happy, try changing. Even changing between different types of the pill can make a big difference.


Ugly duckling going Swan.
I am on cilest and the doctor who first gave me it told me it's the one most commonly prescribed to overweight ladies as it doesn't make you gain weight. As I said in my last post, I did gain weight at the time but I feel it may have been more to do with stuff going on at the time.

I want to take another pill that I can't recall the name of right now but has a strong rep for helping with acne. But it's been advised to me that I may not get it as I am in a high risk group for it because of my weight. Another reason to shed pounds.
another "whatever you do don't get an implant" post from me here. i was never a skinny person but i really think the implant was what turned me from "curvy" to morbidly obese!! felt 1000x better since i had it out.
I cant take the pill due to being an extreme migrane sufferer. Ive known people who have had the implant and the coil and dont advise either. Apparently the implant does put weight on you just like the pill. It's hard to know where to begin with all this stuff. Damn being female! Lol!

Rachael x
it's about time they set up a charity for funding research into a contraceptive pill for men- now THERE'S a cause i would happily give £10 a month to!!

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Totally. Who cares if men gain weight... haha. I quite like chunky men to be honest.

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