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One glass of champagne ....



please try again
the issue isnt over ketosis or weight. you shouldnt drink alcohol when in ketosis, its dangerous

read the sticky about the danger of alcohol in ketosis
Steer well clear it's dangerous, and really not work the risk,....How about a glass of sparkling water instead ;)


One Day at a Time
Again, the post about ketosis and alcohol makes very scary reading. But on an advice note... My First Golden Time on LL...was broken by a single glass of champagne... seriously don't do it... just think of how many special valentines you can share in years to come because you reached your healthy weight...

Plus... its never just one glass is it?
:cry:I guess that's a no then :cry::cry::cry:

DH is on CD with me, so I'll break the bad news to him when he gets back from football tonight. The sparkling water idea should make him lol.
Yeh, I agree with the others...it's the slippery slope...do something nice and romantic like a massage instead!


please try again
ooooooo a lovely massage bar from lush!
they have bath ballistics called champagne supernova! and its not dangerous in ketosis!
Pmsl Claire, what happens if you should have a sneaky sip of bath water, my toddler swears by the stuff hee hee xx


please try again
lol am pretty sure its only toddlers who enjoy the taste of bathwater think us miniminers are safe from that one :D


please try again
and if going to the lush shop in belfast be sure to take a cute child with you, they get you loads of freebees! :D
I can't believe it has been 2 years since I posted this message! I thought the information might be useful to anyone who is thinking of champagne this weekend!

14 stone 6 pounds to begin with.

Got down to 10 stone 13 pounds at the peak of SS.

Now 13 stone 3 pounds and finding it hard to restart, but this has been my best attempt so far.

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