One Lipotrim Product, One Meal?


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I was just wondering how important it is to eat the two Lipotrim products each day while refeeding? (Instead of doing two meals and one Lipotrim product, I'm doing two Lipotrim products and one meal each day).

I'm only on day one and feeling stuffed after my dinner, even though I only had the smallest amount. I know this feeling probably won't continue, and I will start to feel hungry again fairly regularly, but will it be unhealthy if I have just one Lipotrim product and one meal a day if I'm feeling too full?

Thanks :)
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You need your shakes as you need adequate protein and also your daily dose of vits and minerals otherwise your body won't function properly. It's not for long so just get 'em down you xxx


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Maybe you could space your Lipotrim products over a longer period and eat your evening meal later? Might work hun without making you feel too full... same as Josiejojo says you need both products for all your dietry requirements :) L xxx