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Online Image Therapy Group

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by eviescott, 22 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Now, those of us who are a Slimming World member all know that Image Therapy is a vital factor to weight loss... and it can be daunting, embarrassing and quite frankly, cringe-worthy. (I sometimes think of them as an AA meeting):p

    We also know sticking to group helps, and we know that pointing out weakness will help us improve.

    I see a lot of members on here who do SW from home, and i applaud you all for the determination, and to make life easier I want to start an Image Therapy group on Minimins for us all to reflect on their loss/maintain/gain. :)

    So write down your weekly loss/maintain/gain and comment on what you did well, what you could do better, and how you're feeling :)

    Anybody welcome to comment :)

    To become an expert you need 10,000 hours of purposeful practice, to become an expert at our weight loss we need to reflect on the week and what we have learnt.

    No shame in a gain!
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  3. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    This week I lost 1lb, and i'm pleased with this result, i didn't stick to plan 100% But i did try my hardest as i went for meals out and to the grandparents (NON-SW friendly household) I think the best thing I did this week was, even though i knew i wasn't on plan, i didn't give up on my exercise, keeping my body magic up was a great spur on as it made me feel healthier, so not all my meals went out of the window!
  4. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    I think this is a brilliant idea! Thank you for making the thread.

    Monday was my WI day and I lost 1lb last week. I was a bit disappointed with this as I thought I had done really well and stuck to plan. The things I did well - still going with my 30 day ab challenge even though I feel like I might collapse at the end and putting a lot more SF foods into every meal. Things I need to improve on - BREAKFAST! I sometimes don't have anything and when I do it's a bit of a half-hearted effort so I've now bought some Alpen Light bars and going to start having that with some fruit and yoghurt each morning and see if that helps!
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  5. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    That's absolutely fantastic :D 30 day ab challenge sounds a killer- what do you have to do? You'll probably find it will drop off you this week! I find it extremely difficult to fit my SF in at times and really want to try success express - Well done! Good luck and keep at it - i know you'll get another great loss at this rate :)
  6. boltonbabe

    boltonbabe Member

    Good idea. I'm thinking of doing it from home as I hate the whole happy clappy aa meeting
  7. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Aww thank you! You did well considering you had a few meals when it was impossible to be SW friendly!

    The ab challenge is a killer but I must say both OH and I are starting to notice a difference and we're only half way through. You do a number of sit ups, crunches, leg raises and a plank every night and the amount goes steadily up. Today is day 17 and got to do 75 sit ups, 100 crunches, 45 leg raises and a 65 second plank! If I'm not posting on here tomorrow you'll know I didn't make it through!

    I would be over the moon if I could lose 2.5 lbs this week as that would take me down to 11 stone and my first mini target. I know that's a bit of a big ask though and quite unlikely!
  8. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Haha i know! I used to go with my grandparents when I was younger and they never stayed for meetings it made me so apprehensive, but at least on here it can be happy clappy in the confines of your own home and nobody to stare at you :p
  9. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    This sounds like a challenge i'd love! I am a gym fanatic at the moment and doing a lot of strength and toning now i'm getting closer and closer to target! haha i'm going to have a google and definitely giving this a go ;)

    you can totally lost 2.5lb just stick to it and your ab work out and no problem! Try getting 3lb and into the 10's ;) love getting into new numbers!
  10. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    I would definitely recommend giving it a go. It starts off quite easy then afetr a few days gets a bit trickier. Every day I think there's no way I will be able to get through them and then get a huge sense of achievement when I do!

    3lb would be amazing. I'd be very happy indeed! Your losses are amazing, you must be so pleased!
  11. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    2lb off this week but it only felt like 1lb because one of them was the last remaining Christmas lb so although I've lost three over two weeks I'm technically only 1lb down.

    Having said that I don't really deserve it because I played Russian roulette with it this week by having a pizza and garlic bread last thurs and then spent the rest of the week playing catch up :eek:
  12. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Love the thread idea btw
  13. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Gosh well done with the motivation! I'm one of those who just sits and rests if it gets too much D: Doing the Tough Mudder Challenge in July though, so need to pull my act together! And thank you :) it's taken me since august (with a little oopsy in september-october) but i got back on track and managed to shift my weight down, haven't been as light as i am since 2010-2011 so that's a great feeling! Have you just started since Jan? You've done so well 5.5lb in two weeks! Isn't that like 2-3 bags of sugar or something? So good! I wish it would all come of one place though *cough* belly *cough* thighs *cough* grrr
  14. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    Wahoo! Well done on losing those evil xmas pounds! haha i have those days too, you still managed to do well though which shows you're doing something right :)
  15. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    I'm so impressed you only put 2lb on over Christmas and you've done so well losing it and more already!

    At least you were honest with yourself about how many syns you ate and then did what you could to compensate for it rather than eating it and putting your head in the sand and hoping for the best!
  16. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Thank you. I can't do it all in one go, I do about 15-20 sit ups then have a rest for a minute then do some more, but they all get done and that's the main thing! Tough Mudder sounds incredible, I'm not sure I would be able to do it though! You'll have to let us know how you get on. If you're as motivated as you obviously have been about SW then I'm sure you'll do great.

    I did SW last January-April before my wedding last May then spent the rest of the year putting it all back on plus an extra pound for good measure! We're going on our belated honeymoon to Morocco this coming May over our first anniversary so started again on 6th January so I can attempt to feel comfortable in a bikini by the pool! I'm really pleased with how it's going so far and had a NSV this morning when one of my clients asked if I had been dieting because you could really see a difference already :D Feeling quite chuffed with myself!
  17. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    I'll probably do the same as you and have to split it up - as long as it gets done :) And thank you! I have a lot of support from friends on the team so i'm sure it will go okay - i'm quite excited to be honest! I'm also aiming to get in a bikini i think it's mainly confidence rather than our weights stopping us from feeling comfortable bikinis though! Thats so sweet i hope you have a lovely time, where are you doing? ! I'm sure you'll get plenty more compliments hehe they're the best NSV such a confidence boost :)
  18. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Support is what makes it all so much easier. I'm lucky my husband is doing it with me too, although he has less than me to lose and it just seems to drop off him! You should be excited, it will be an amazing achievement! You're right about bikinis being all about confidence rather than how we actually look. I can't remember ever thinking that someone shouldn't be wearing one because of their weight, it's just how we feel when we're all exposed! Going just outside Marrakech to a lovely hotel, so excited! We've had a pretty busy year - getting married, moving from London to Sheffield, starting a business - so we are definitely ready for the break!
  19. eviescott

    eviescott Full Member

    My consultant always reminds us that men seem to lose it quicker, he vaguely mentioned it about women being prepared for child birth etc ahha :p and that sounds great! And gosh that is a busy year! Must be stressful moving house and starting a business :)
  20. KHQ

    KHQ Full Member

    Haha I think he's right. There's a man my Mom went to class with who lost about 3 stone int he time it took her to lose half!

    It has been pretty busy and stressful, holiday can not come quick enough!!
  21. Sara

    Sara Silver Member

    Lost 2lb when weighed self on saturday but then had bit of a blip at weekend. Hoping can play catch up the rest of the week but the left over xmas chocolate keeps taunting me.

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