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Glamorous Gran
I.m a bit disheartened as i only lost 1lb this week but i know its due to a combination of events.

Firstly, last week on asking my CDC if it was my AAM week i was told that no, i wont be doing it, this upset me as i was looking forward to it, kind of like a treat if you know what i mean.

Well, that just made me so defiant that i picked like there was no tomorrow, i didnt actually have a complete meal but for the amount i picked i might as well have.

Then i decided to stop smoking, i havent smoked since Thursday, so i dont think it helped me refrain from picking yet more.

I hope to get back on track this week as i am completely out of ketosis so its to hell and back trying to get back into it.

Wish me luck girls as i get back on the wagon!!!!
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how come you wernt allowed your aam?? its like the rules that you have to have it...its more healthier that way!!
N dont worry about jumpin bak on the wagon!! ul be fine and sail bak on to it!!!!!
Hope all is wel
Lyns xx


Silver Member
Why were you told that you couldnt do aam, were you in week 5 because if you were you should have been on it?

Well done on giving up smoking. That will give your health another major boost.

Also well done on the 1lb loss, thats a brilliant result at any time. Just remember it was a loss not a gain. Put last week behind you and you will be fine next week.:D


Glamorous Gran
Why were you told that you couldnt do aam, were you in week 5 because if you were you should have been on it?
I was on Wk 5 so should have been able to do AAM but my CDC wants me to go through without doing it. CDC has told me that i have only 8 wks left on CD but i average it out to more like 12 weeks. I have decided i am doing the next AAM wk whether my CDC likes it or not.

I'm also getting sick to the back teeth of WATER!!!!! Never was much of a water drinker or any fluid come to that. I've tried the flavourings but its not the flavour thats the problem, its the sloshing feeling that gets to me, any advice???


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The water drinking really is a pain, isn't it? I never was much of a water drinker, either. Now we've got to guzzle it by the litre.
Well done Mum for still losing 1lb it is still a loss. The fact that you havent smoked since Thursday is a miracle and you should be very proud about that as i know how hard it always was for you to try and give up. So smile and plan to have a really good week this week.:)
I'm confused by the lack of AAM week. I did LL for six months last year, and was under the impression that on CD you do not have to go to the doctor every month like youo do on LL but thats because you have your AAM week which means you are not fasting for the entire time. I am sure someone can correct me if I am wrong !! Anyway, surely it should be a choice?