Extra Easy Only half a pound :(


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Sometimes when starting a healthy eating plan it can take a little while for your system to adjust to it all, not everyone losses massively in the first week, although I know we would all like to.

It is a 1/2 lb off which is the main thing. :)

It might be an idea to post your food diary, just incase there are any areas where you may be out of the plan.


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Well done its still half a pound off its not a gain half a pound is actually quite alot get your kitchen scales out and weigh out half a pound of pasta or something you will be quite surprised. :D


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First week losses depend on a lot of factors but if you ate a pretty healthy diet before you are unlikely to have a big loss in the first week. Added to that you are already well within your healthy BMI range and it's bound to be slower. We are about the same height but your starting weight was my target weight and there's no way I could go as low as you are aiming.


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Thanks for the replies, I have just updated my profile etc as it was wrong and out of date.
Can I ask though, does not drinking a lot effect weight loss? I really dont drink an awful lot at all. Probably 1 ltr of fluid a day