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Only light pink & bad morning

Nitemare morning freezer door was left open and had to do massive cook up this morning millions of fish fingers, chicken nuggets and goujons, potato smileys and croquettes, chicken burgers and beef burgers, and when I get home got to make a bolognaise with the mince and freeze it and i cant eat any of it ... Brought some goujons into work for everyone else :cry: At least kids lunch and suppers are already cooked for the next 2 days!!!! :sigh:

I am TOTM and blocked up feeling bloated and achey, took some fibersure this morn but nothing has happening... :tear_drop:

I am on day 12 and struggling bit at the mo as missing food. I been testing ketones on wee stick thing and am only lightest pink trace for ketosis even first thing in the morning... WHY???? does this mean Im not fully in ketosis. :confused:

Started at 12.6 first weigh in last Thurs was 12 so that ok. Dont seem to have lost much so far this week but got my totm so that might be why will see on Thurs. I weigh 11.11 in the morn on my scales and 12 in the eve whats going on there? :confused:
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Hey hun, well any pink on the stick means you are in ketosis so you are and once you are sticking to it 100% you dont even need to check it!

The weight can go up and down, its all the water you have drank during the day showing up as extra weight. Best time to get a true weight reading is in the morning :) Your doing fab hun when is your 1st wi?


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Hey Katkarg - take a deep breath!!!!
Sounds like a lot happening there but stay focussed.
Any pink is said to be good and means you are in keytosis.
TOTM will cause you to hold a little more water.
Only go off the scales your CDC use because if they are anything like mine they are not that relieable.
Constipation will make you weigh heavier too.

Have I read it right that you are taking 12 fibresure and still not 'going'? I got to that stage and felt yuk! So I took a 'Dulcolax' and that cleared things! I did feel a lot better.

Hope you have got it back together!! Stay strong
I have been 100% SS for 12 days now and apparantly I have bad breath so know am in ketosis but it is always only reading trace.

1st wi was last thurs -6 2nd wi is this thurs but not expecting much as my scales are not showing loss in eve and I could really notice loss last week with my clothes feeling looser but this week I dont feel it at all in fact they feel tight again. Do I just need to go to the loo (only been once this week)!?!?


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If you have been following 100% you MUST have lost - constipation can make your tummy swell - so can TOTM! Get a laxative down your neck!!! A mild one at bedtime. I chose Dulcolax because it works by stimulating the bowel instead of absorbing water.

Don't give up - this is just a hurdle!!
No had 2 fibresure this morn and 2 last night... Will get some lax. :eek:

12 is day 12 and weigh 12 stone :)


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Oh - see what you meant now by 12!! :D

Time to change your 'mood' to something other than 'sad' now! :D

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