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OOhhhh can you .....


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I know some people do on here:)


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SW say no and so does my consultant. But when i did SW a few years ago you was allowed to do this. I would personally try it and if you didnt loose weight then stop.


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You can ( well my C says you can) - lots of people have a syn box, they fill it with 105 syns worth of goodies and when they are gone there gone.
I personally dont cos this would enable me to eat a large box full of crap one day!!! :8855::8855::8855:


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Thank girls - i think it would be handy for me cause i weigh in on Friday and if i had a little bit of a mad weekend ( which i normally too) i could then just be super strict for the whole week in work !


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Thats for that !! Im super excited now !! bring on the wine


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The SW website says that you can have your syns when you want tham during the week as long as you don't feel deprived on days where you don't have many.

I have most of my syns at the weekend and very few during the week.


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I did it until last week when I started allowing myself 15 syns a day max rather than 105 syns a week max. I feel it's made the world of difference :) Yesterday, I could have had something like a 150g slice of Thornton's Chocolate Cake and still been within syns for the week, but I used the 7 syns I had for the rest of the day on a 35g slice and it was more than enough :) x
I spoke to my consultant about this as I travel with work and am either entertained by or have to entertain clients during the evenings. It is REALLY difficult to stay 100% on plan at restaurants! Not because of temptation actually, but because of what is on offer. I tried to be really good last night, ordered linguine with mushrooms, asked if there was a sauce with it and there wasn't... out it came in a thick cream sauce!

My consultant told me that the main thing is to keep a healthy balance. Clearly if you know you are going to over-the-top it one day then maybe it helps to reserve extra syns for it before and after :)

Hope this helps!!
Lots of love, Caramelle X X X


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Rightly or wrongly, I usually try to eat only free foods throughout the day, along with my HEXA and HEXB choices.
That way if I fancy a glass or two of wine or some chocolate on an evening, it doesn't (or hasn't up to now) affect my weight loss/sticking.
This works for me as I don't feel deprived having fruit and yoghurt for dinner and then a free meal on an evening. Whatever works for you.



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You have to do what's right for YOU.
If saving your syns up for the weekend helps you to stay on track, then do that. If having regular daily syns works for you, then do it that way.
I have done SW on and off for many years and I have never come across a consultant who has told me how and when to use my syns.

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I save up mine and still works for me!!!


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Brilliant - im so glad it works for people ! Going to try it this weekend. Just had my weight in - up 1 but it was totally expected. started fresh now !


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I've saved my syns for nights out, totalling 50, and then had a very small loss. I think if you are gonna use most at the weekend, then bring them down to 5 for the rest of the week, up your exercise as well and water intake, I'm sure that would be ok. Just wouldn't use them all up the day before WI, lol. x

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