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i had a weak moment this evening, you will think im off the wall...i weighed in at - 10 today and i had a bad mo this eveing and ate 3 pringles, they tasted like cardboard so i spat em out but i would say one got down? Have i caused much damage? Dont intend on doing it again, it has showed me how much i want to succeed...

help ....
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I will do this!!!
I dont have that much knowledge on the diet as im only 2/3 weeks in but it may have knocked you out of ketosis
maybe you needed this to make you more determined hunni. hey once you done ya 50 post would you like me to private message you my msn i dont mind if you say no btw xxx
If it has knocked you out of ketosis then it will take a day or 2 to get back in. Don't focus on the fact you have cheated, just focus on how bad you are feeling and how much more determined you are to succeed. It's done now, many have a weak moment early one but just one and they go on to be BIG losers - in the best sense of the word.

Madhousemum, thats cool as soon as we are up to 50 we can mail x Excited to see how you do Thursday missy, tehn itl nearly be my second....

Yeah im not going to cry over one pringle, i was reading up on ketosis i dont think i did damage.Its still guns blazing anyway, nothing has changed, it aint like i had a sandwich or meal.. girls, who ever likes pringles, let me tell ya...they are like cardboard yuck ha ha

dont leave food around you is my advice..i was in great form and so excited after my loss and next thing i was chewing.....the power of food eh...
on my first week I put a strawberry in my mouth ate it enjoyed it then remembered I wasnt supposed to eat just as I went to get another one I was cross with my self but thank god it didnt knock me out of ketosis but Im keeping away from strawberries now
That's the spirit! Plenty of positivity! With that attitude you can't possibly fail.

I have food around me all the time, including Pringles coz I have 3 hungry children and an OH but after a while you do become detached from it. Tomorrow I have to do the weekly shop but it no longer bothers me.

thats cool hunni i just hope thursday comes quicker seems like days are SOOOOOOO SLOWWWWWWWWWWW lol