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Oops. Checked weight and now feel depressed!

OKay so i know i shouldnt have but this morning I weighed myself...I was 10Ib lighter than when I weighed myself on the same scales on Friday morning!! (I weighed a few times and even double checked on the wii fit..I just started the diet yesterday morning so this is only day 2!)

So, I went on a 5 mile walk today, have been very very strict..just had 2nd shake of the day but feel more hungry than ever and feel like quitting...just weighed myself again as a reminder of why Im doing the diet...and Im back up the 10Ib I thought I had lost this morning! NOW I feel like giving up!!!

Help me

Tina xxx
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Right, no more weighing... simple, NO MORE WEIGHING.... have yourself weighed each week at your weigh in, stick to the diet... dont know how you could have lost 10lbsin 2 days, then gained it again in a day, but forget about it, focus on getting through each day, and wait till your weigh in to get weighed !!!! xxx


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What Tasha said. Plus your scales can't be right!
I thought the scales must be wrong too, which is why I went on the wii fit and it said the same!

I know I know it was wrong, but I just needed to look and needed to know that it was all worth it. Im a complete food addict and Im just really struggling. I have just split my chicken soup so I can have a cup now and a cup later and I'v just watched a programme about people over 60 stone who have shed 40 stone + ... so that's helped.

Im sorry to be negative but thanks all for your support and encouragement ... I just want week 1 to be over so that I know I can do it ... these first few days are so so tough :-( I just cant stop crying
It is probably the water weight honey a litre of water weighs about 2.2lbs. Its always best to weigh in once a week at the same time, usually mornings after the first wee, as weight can fluctuate wildly during the day x
Hiya honey, please don't give up! Most of the first weeks loss is water, and I found that first week I could weigh ten times a day and it was a different result every time! I always tend to retain water at the end of the day, and it is heavy!
Just grit your teeth and bear it, once you get to the end of the week, you will be in ketosis and it will be so much easier. Plus you will have that amazing first weight loss to keep you motivated.
Lots of luck!
DONT WEIGH!. your scales are wrong. Even with my varying water levels i only swing 4-5lbs up and down throughout the day... 10lbs difference is just weird... its clearly knowcked you back so simple dont do it.... once a week at the pharmacist! xx good luck... dont give up it works


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Also if your increasing your exercise dramatically, you get a lot of dead muscle weight for a few days while the muscle tissues are repairing, I find that I can have 4lbs extra on for a few days after a very heavy training session and then a whole lot falls off together but sometimes it takes people 10 day cycles to get an accurate picture of weight loss you know its not just a standard week for everyone.


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have you read many of the posts on this site, looked at peoples losses, looked through the gallery of before and after pictures?

that is where you find if doing it is worth it, either that or at your first wi.

I can weigh myself right now, and be I dunno, 156lbs, and then I go and have a shake, go for a long walk, drink a pint of water, and weigh again - and I can guarentee you, I will be about 2lbs heavier after!

if you want to use wii fit to wi, do it at the same time, on a morning, before drinks, shakes, etc, no clothes and use the +-0 button, then you will see losses every few days - but during the same day :confused:, after shakes and drinking :confused:, well I hate to be blunt, as you prob never reaslied, that its a bit silly, it goes against the laws of physics.

you are doing great, just stick with it, drink as much plain water as you can (not all at once) and give it time, not ages, just a few days if you cant wait the week, and you will see results.

next time you want to weigh in the middle of the day, think of kids on a journey constantly asking 'are we there yet!?' just after the car has pulled off the drive...

you wont be 'there' for a while yet, but spend long enough in the LT car, and you will be. ;)
Really love that analogy will keep that as a
mantre !
Msblonde - you must have been in the boot of my car!!! Love the analogy - its soooo true!!!

I have to say I have been secretly weighing in the mornings and to be honest I am beginning to panic a bit. I am on day 5 and seem to have lost 3 lbs. Ok I know a loss is a loss but bloody hell I was expecting more than that in my first week!!!

Anyway not giving up as maybe(hopefully) I will drop an amazing 6 or 7 lbs in next 2 days!!!! But I doubt it!!

I agree though that we shouldnt be weighing all the time - prob is I just cant stop myself!!!


a new way of living!
drink lots of water and you may well do, yesterday I was 1.5lbs lighter than the day before. and OH dropped 2lbs in one day too, just make sure you are drinking enough, not all at once, but throughout the day.

stick with it. it works wonders, and your scales are prob different to the pharm ones.

I will stick with it anyway as a loss is a loss no matter what. Was hoping for a big loss first week as that seems to be the pattern with most people and never know maybe I will get it too.

Am weighing in Wed so I will have to wait til then.



Never give up
Woody I did an experiment for you today.

I weighed myself this morning at 7am, and then again at 4pm. There was a whopping 11lbs in the difference. I kid you not. :eek:

Hope everything's settling down for you. :)

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