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oops, i had a naughty weekend

and now i need some motivation.

bbq - went well at first lots of chicken, homemade burgers, salad and didnt eat any sausages! had a few too many shandies and the boyfriend ended up ordering a 16" pizza at 1 am. us and 2 friends ate the lot (although i did show some restraint and only had 1 slice)

wii fit says ive put on 2lb!! :cry:it even asked me the 'cause of my weight gain' to which i couldnt decide whether it was 'ate too much' 'ate the wrong foods' 'ate too late' or 'drank too much'.

i just hope the rest of the week means i can still loose this week. only 4 weeks in i dont want to have put on!!!
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We all slip once in a while and its not easy when your out somewhere or with friends. Never worrie. Start today fresh and stick to the plan. Everyones allowed a few treats now and then hun.


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I had a terrible day yesterday food wise. Ate just about everything in sight. In the past I would have just given up but not this time.....
I have just taken the dog for a 2 hour walk & now my hips & knees ache so much but I also feel good. I will aim to do this 3 times a week.
A bit apprehensive about WI tmrw but fingers crossed I'll hav lost something.
Good luck to everyone at WI this week.
I used this weekend to get it out of my system and am now back on track. Just up your exercise this week and you will probably still see a loss. Make sure you get your water in as well and get back on track



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Yeah I have to admit I'm not very good at drinking water so I promise to make an effort to drink more water. I only do green days as I'm vegetarian so I tend to get a bit bloated.


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I love the idea of the Wii Fit and I think the exercise it offers is great but I don't think it's wise to take too much notice of the weight it says you are. I do weigh at home every morning but my scales stay in EXACTLY the same position and I use it as a guide only as they are not calibrated the same as the SW ones
I agree Taz, I take no notice cause it would get ya down, apparently ive put a pound on since yesterday, but I used it yesterday morning and then this afternoon so different times/different weights. Im mighty good at the hulla hooping i have to say, if there was olymipics for the hullahoop id be doing it lol


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I do want one but I wouldn't take any notice of the weight on it. I only use my morning weight to check that I am on track but the only weight I take real notice of is at my official WI
they are good gem - but only as a fun fad thing, the novelty of ours has kinda worn off already!! xxx
Apparently your body fluctuates in weight by around 2.2lbs per day, so i wouldn't let it worry you too much!

Wii fit is amazing, loves it i do.

Good luck in reaching your goal :)

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