Oops!! :o(


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I am allowed 20 points a day, but today, I've had....33!!! :eek:

I have been fighting an urge to stuff my face for days, and today I finally gave in....BIG STYLE! I have not stopped eating all day!

I'm really angry at myself now and I know that come Wednesday (weigh day) I'm going to be kicking myself for this.

So, how am I going to deal with it?....well, tomorrow I am going to try and make up for as many of those points as I can. I know it's not how it should be done, but I need to make up for it somehow, and although it's not likely that I'll be able to make up for all 13 points I've gone over, I could at least go some way towards it.

For anyone who's thinking of cheating, my advice to you is DON'T DO IT!!!! I feel cr*p now, it's so wasn't worth it.

And as punishment to myself I'm not ordering any treat food on next weeks shopping. No low fat crisps, no low fat cookies, no low fat choc bars, no low fat cake...nothing! I am a very very naughty girl and I don't deserve nice things, lol.

I will make up for it, I promise, I want to be slim so I'm going to have to!

I wish you could buy will power from the supermarket, that would help me out a hell of a lot! :D
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Marie, your post shouts loudly that you are now CONSCIOUS of what you are eating...at one time you'd prob have eaten 33 points and some...so now you are simply more aware of what youre eating!!! That can only be a good thing eh?

Today's almost over, tomorrows a new dawn.....

eaten(too much) doesnt mean beaten if you can correct things...be kind to yourself hun!!!

Keep on keeping

Onwards and downwards hun:)



Bye bye bellies!!!

First let me say that I really dont mean to sound like I have it all worked out but I have been there done that so many times that I now know for sure that the best way to deal with this is to start afresh tommorrow - no blame/no guilt/ no punishment! Order your treats for next week and have them or you may find yourself rebelling and being in the same predicament same time next week. Please dont beat yourself up and deprive yourself think long term - be kind to yourself you have done well and you will keep doing well, forget about today.



I want to be slim !!

Please dont beat urself up over this..
call it a blip and move on..
Wake up tomorrow ans start again..
Think 20 points. !!..
You can and will do it.

Ive been surviving on 3 CD packs, so 20 points on WW is Bliss to me..

Be strong.


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Ah, thanks people, I really appreciate all your comments...tomorrow is a new day then :)


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Ok, you overate today no point making yourself ill over it now. :cool: At most, hold back 4 points tomorrow and that brings the 'damage' down to 9 points.

Better still, put it down to experience, a wee hiccup and write it off. Remember how you feel tonight, so if youre tempted again........ :)

And most importantly, as someone famous once said 'Tomorrow is another day'

Youve done SO well tonight, dont let this put you off *HUGS*


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Thank you everyone for your comments and advice. I've found it all really encouraging and although I still feel quite angry for letting myself down today I do feel much more optimistic about carrying on with it tomorrow. Usually a blip like that would just have me throwing in the towel - but not this time!

Thanks everyone, you've honestly really helped me tonight!


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Some excellent advice Marie.

You could also do a walk or some exercise/housework all adds up to bonus points.

I hope your feeling a lot better today.

Love Mini xxx