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Oops!...really should check syns BEFORE I eat things

I can't believe how high in syns coconut is!!

I bought a little pack of it from Asda the other night, thinking that it would either be free, or really low in syns. So I just sat down and started eating it and then thought I'd better double check the syns....I had about 4, maybe 5, little pieces of it and it turns out to be about 5 syns worth!! What a waste - so annoyed at myself now.

I cannot wait for the day that I know my SW Syns as well as I know my WW Points....hope that's the last mistake I make today.....
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5 syns isn't too bad and coconut is such a lovely, nutty treat... You have plenty to play with over the week so don't fret too much.

However, lesson learned! Check before you buy/eat :D


I will succeed!!!
Oh dear! But you know now and you can chalk it up to experience. I still get caught out too but never learn lol xxx


Slow but sure....
I made a mistake with a tin of tomato soup - I thought it was 3½ syns for a 400g tin, but it was only for a 100g.......the tin was really 14 syns worth!!!!!! Lesson learnt - double check everything.
I wouldn't have minded if it had been something really yummy, like chocolate :) but coconut!? Pah! Lol
The silly thing is that I did actually have a look in my books for it this morning, but I couldn't find it and couldn't be bothered to log into my computer etc just to check that......wish I had now - that's what I get for being too lazy to turn my laptop on, haha
I think it's funny with SW...so many scrummy things that you expect to be synned are free that it takes you by suprise just what you can eat!

So something you think wouldn't have any or be low in syns is even more of a surprise!

Does that make sense? It does in my head...LOL!


I will succeed!!!
I wouldn't have minded if it had been something really yummy, like chocolate :) but coconut!? Pah! Lol
It might have been yummier to eat chocolate, but think of it this way. Now this is a bit rudimentary but...

Chocolate are ''empty'' syns (or how I refer to as empty calories - as in not much goodness in it)

But coconut is made up of ''full syns'' (or full calories - yep it's calories nonetheless and fat etc, but natural fat etc so less bad).

Hope that makes sense - my little way of deciding on my syns...a galaxy ripple at 9syns is 'empty syns' but a side portion of pasta for 5syns (from memory might be wrong) is a bit better for you :)

Sorry I am waffling like a waffley thing xxx
I'd still for for the chocolate every time :eek: though I probably shouldn't admit that....heehee

And it made perfect sense HellieCopter, haha

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