oops the silly season got to me


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well i didnt quite make it through christmas without lapsing, i didnt eat any meals but i did pick a fair bit, but again i have learned alot from this slip up and im not going to give myself a hard time over it. although i am dreading my weigh in on tue night, ive got a feeling there will be a couple of pounds on the old hips.
oh well onwards and downwards
rona xx

p.s. well done everyone who made it through the silly season without slipping up, and i hope you all had a lovely time xxxxxx
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Greentea I did the opposite you you, I didnt pick but ate meals. I am sure I'v gained a good few lbs as I was drinking too. eekkk the silly season certainly got to me. Still thats it over and im right back on the horse!


nearly there!! :)
sorry u lapsed hunni, but ull get back on no probs.


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Hi GT, I lapsed over Xmas too and had my weigh in tonight (3 days late), I've managed to stay the same so i'm quite happy. My next weigh in is Friday so i'm hoping to lose at least a couple of pounds.
I hope your weigh in goes ok!!


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well i was brave and went to my weigh in tonight (one night early) and i managed to get another pound off, not a great loss i know but can i just say phewwwwww


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Well done GT!! Brilliant! It's my turn tomorrow - oh joy... really hope I've not gained too much - but a three course dinner and various nibbles isn't standing me in the best stead ;) Hey ho... it was a lesson to go through, and I've learnt a lot, so who cares... it's a fresh start now - and I'm going to see this through to the end.

Big pheeeewwwwww on your behalf coming up to Glasgow from Warwickshire!!

A x


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good luck for tonight anna, fingers and toes crossed.
and omg how hard is it getting back on track again, been fighting with myself all day, so far the lighterlife me is winning.


Guess who's back...?
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Thanks - only 3.5 hours to go (not that I am counting!)... and yeah, it is damn tricky getting back in the saddle post 'lapse'... but we are strong, successful, (increasingly slim) unique, complex humans - if we can't stay in control of inanimate objects - food etc, then my god we have problems ;) We can do this!!

Thanks for the luck wishing - I think I am going to need it, I feel decidedly chunky after last week! Hehe.

Anna xx


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The thing that has amazed me with this silly season - is that after lapsing it would be easy for you all to beat yourself up - but you are all dusting yourselves off and getting back down tobusiness.

I salute you sirs!