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Operation Bridal Gown


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Hi guys

After a break away from the packs (again) I am back with a mission.

I am getting married in Antigua in June and i have just ordered my dress.

I have measured up as a size 22. I tried on a 16! I have ordered the dress in a 20 and this can be adjusted down to 16.

When I went to the shop, the woman said 'you are a long way from this dress, I don't think you will get there'. Being one for dramatics, I thought 'yeah - I'll show you'.

She has given me the measurements and as soon I am close I am going to try it on again. I'm determined to look good in this dress with it done up!!

I am on day 3. (which is great, cos other past attempts at restarting have not got past day 2) and my resolve is concrete at the moment.

I am currently on old LL packs and exante. My MIL has told me that if I can lose a stone before Xmas, then she will pay for me to go back for 8 weeks after Xmas as part of my wedding pressie.

As my target is to lose inches, I'm going to change my signature to target the inches I need to lose to get into my dress.

Here goes!
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My dress xx

Can you tell Im excited!!


Determined to succeed
Welcome back Mel. You seem much more positive and stronger this time. You are going to do this and you are going to wear that gorgeous dress on your wedding day. You go girl x


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Stunning dress, I'm on day 4 at my first attempt at LL, I'm sure you'll get there especially if you've done it before. I'm getting there I don't feel hungry but I just want food lol x


Determined to succeed
Joanne that will pass. After the first couple of weeks and the big losses on the scales every week and you will stop lookin for your good lol :D


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Thanks guys!! I can't wait for the dress to fit! If I start wavering I just think of that dress and much better I will feel in a 16 to a 22!!


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Hi Mel!

Your dress is absolutely stunning!
You can do it :) Just take it a day at a time and it'll fly by!
wow, its lovely mel!
of course you will get there!!!
daisy x


hi Mel, nice to see you back again!! really put your mind to it you can and will do this, one day at a time yeah. I wish you all the very best. Dress is stunning x
Thats gorgeous!!!!! I am restarting tomorrow morning :)
We can do it :) :)


Ready for the new me!
Aww Mel its beautiful :) Your braver than me, we want to get married late next year/summer 2012 and ive not even dared looked at dresses yet as i just cant imagine myself ever being a size 12 or even 14 again!

You go girl, you can do it huni!!
Go for it babe. I wish I'd lost weight before my wedding as now I have to look at fat wedding pics, not that I would have Changed it for the world LOL!! Just keep looking at that gorgeous dress :)
I think even if I don't look a gazillion stone, the dress will look nice. Its a really flattering one. It's the rest of the time on the beach in my swimming costume I'm worried about lol
Lovely dress Mel,
I was a size 22 when I got married- I would have preferred to be a 16.
I think that woman set you has set you a challenge and given you the motivation.
Lovely dress. You KNOW you can do it xx
Hi ladies.

Just checking in. Been really busy!! I'm abstenant and plan to stay that way until April. I just hope it won't ruin the dress to have it taken in that much!


Getting her sparkle back
That's fab Mel!
It's always easier to take a dress in than it is to have it taken out, so I wouldn't worry i'm sure it'll be fine! :)
How are the rest of your wedding plans going? (I'm studying events management at Uni and hoping to become a wedding planner when I graduate, so have a slight obsession with weddings!)
Wow Hanmac. What a rewarding job!!

My wedding has to be the easiest to arrange. I'm going to antigua so it's all pretty simple really. God knows how normal do it though!!

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