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Opinions more for the ladies

S: 12st5lb G: 10st8lb
I was wondering if you could give me some opinions I have been on LT for 4/5 weeks and I think I am getting good weightloss but I have just got my 3rd totm in this time am on the implant so am going from none.They are lasting over a week and this one seems to be making me feel awful(sorry tmi) I dont know whether to carry on and put up with this or to come off it which I really dont want to do.
I cant tell my Dh at the moment as although he supports me I know he will want me to come off it.
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I was the same hun. i had my implant for 2 years, and got it out week before christmas because i couldnt stadn the mood swings etc...

tried lipotrim last year and although i did loose weight, didnt loose as much as i have this time, and also had very Irregular and inconvenient TOTM's! just something you will have to put up for a while chick, because you wont be on lipotrim for ever!!

speak to your pharmacist, their less likely to tell you to come off the programme, and may give you more advice,

or you could always go to where you had your implant put in, irregular bleeding is common with the implant, and they can give you a hormone pill to stop your TOTM all together xxx


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Hey! :)

I have just started lipotrim (9days on it to be precise) and i have the implant and am on my first t.o.t.m for 3 years - it is annoying and not very pleasent hun but its worth it if we can get down to a nice healthy weight and size. I would rather put up with it than staying the size i am and possibly risk getting pregnant!!

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I also went from having no totm to what seemed one really long one, well it went on for nearly two weeks, altough not heavy. It did settle down and went back to no totm. Keep with it it shouldnt be for too long. XX
S: 12st5lb G: 10st8lb
Thanks for the replies I am going to talk to the pharmacist when I go next I am not going to quit LT which has really shocked me as with every other diet I would always be I can start again tomorrow of course that never comes.
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hiya sorry really cant comment as i am on the depo injection so no totm have a chat with the chemist but from what i have read on previous threads it seems to settle down

hope everything gets sorted

xx Sharron

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