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Opinions please

I've done ww and sw in the past,and whilst i like both for different reasons i know what you mean about sw.

Tips-well plan ahead even if it's one day at a time, make sure you eat all you points ( at least throughout the week. have a look on here at people's food diaries and shout if you need any help.

I am just back to it after about 12 months off so feel like I am a newbie again!!

i did sw for a couple of years, lost 3 stone in weight quite quickly in the begining but struggled to keep it off and slowly gained it all back. i thought id give ww a try as i hadnt done it before and thought that i was eating too much free food on sw, maybe that was why i was gaining as i was too greedy - my portion control was embarrasing, i would eat the same size portion as my husband. i am doing ww at home and dont have any other support apart from this great site, ive had 3 weigh ins so far and lost 5.5lb. i am really enjoying the freedom of being able to vary my diet so much and i am not feeling hungry at all, i dont have any cravings either as their isnt anything you cant have on this diet. my portion sizes had dramatically been reduced as well.

good luck on your journey.

Hi Biztiglet. I did SW, now doing WW, and i found the same with SW, taking advantage of the free foods way to much. I also need control peachy7. It's only my 1st week but already i feel like i am going to succeed more than i did on SW. Good luck to all of you girls xx


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WW is fab, i've tried sw and while i loved the fact fruit was free....i found i was having odd combinations of food and really struggled when out and about and just wanted a sandwhich on the go.

I love the fact that on ww if were out and the kids want maccy d's for lunch i can easy fit the 6.5 pts in for a happy meal etc x

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