opinions please!!!


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Hi all

Im after picking your brains :D -as some of you might know, I have signed up for the "women for women" charity trek through Nepal and so im now setting about raising the sponsorship -don't worry Im not after your money -although if you have any spare :giggle:...
What it is, is that Im using some of my leftover jewellery making stuff to make pieces up to sell either at a fete later in the year or possibly on e-bay... thing is I have no idea what sort of prices to ask-or if people would want them...:confused:
Here are a few pictures of some older pieces I made and I was wondering what sort of prices you would suggest (obviously Im not expecting masses -but anything will help):-

Im thinking of putting smaller versions of these kind of "dangles" on the phone cords/key rings

and -whilst Im here I was thinking of these kind of bags for little girls

Im thinking of making (all out of beads which are all crystal/glass/swarovski) :-
  1. book marks/thongs
  2. mobile phone charms
  3. keyrings
  4. earrings
  5. bracelets
So then folks -what do you think?? please be honest as I would hate to make them if Im going to end up keeping them all :p
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It would really depend on what metal you were using. If it's plated metal then the items would be relatively cheaper compared to sterling or gold. You can charge more for genuine Swarovski compared with generic cut glass...czech glass a little dearer too.

Take the 2nd pic, the earrings. If they were amethyst chips and sterling silver then I'd charge around £12-£15 but if they're plated silver and glass chips then around £4-£5.

I personally wouldn't sell jewellery on Ebay because there's a "something for nothing" attitude on ebay where handmade stuff isn't really appreciated...I've seen stuff go for 99p with no buyers.

Folksy (primarily UK) and Etsy (primarily US) are two big craft/handmade sites and are good for selling, you can expect a better price there but less traffic than Ebay...so it's a toss up really, perhaps try both, you can also try friends and family and craft fairs or local craft shops can sometimes sell local items for a cut of the profit.

If you're selling online then you really need better pictures, try taking pics in natural day light outside if you can and use a macro function if you have one for getting close ups.

If you have a nose at craftforum.co.uk they have loads of advice on selling, taking pics etc...

Your retail costs should be your material costs x2 plus your time.


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Thankyou so much for all that input :D

Im just really trying to use up the leftover stuff I have from a few years ago, so its just "metal" - so Im not expecting much for them at all really, just thought I would use up what I had for a good cause. -all the beads are glass, crystal and then I have 4mm swarovski biconnes..
I was dubious of using ebay again as I did a few years ago and there is so much mass produced stuff on there..
I guess my best bit will just be to make things up for the fete and see what I can raise.. No postage, advertising fees that way either ;)
Once again thankyou for your help :D


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I bought my wedding jewellery on ebay and what attracted me was that the seller was able to make to order (ie I got to choose the colour of crystals used). I don't know if this is something you'd be able to do?

If you make up sets (necklace, earrings, bracelet) I don't see why they couldn't be sold for £15 +.

By the way - the jewellery is gorgeous!


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just bead work or chains as well?
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lots of people on ther that make and sell jewlery of a similar nature to yours..
Legba is a UK lass and frequents craft fairs etc.. so bend her ear a bit..