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Opinions, please????

Jacket opinions, please:

  • Hideous

    Votes: 13 28.3%
  • Gawjus

    Votes: 7 15.2%
  • I wouldn't wear it, but go for it

    Votes: 26 56.5%

  • Total voters
I need your support, everyone.

I luuuuuuuuuurve this jacket.
My DD says it's hideous.

Jacket ACUARELA Desigual | Coats Desigual shop | Iwearchic.com

Actually, she said "It's hideous. But it's very you."

Now either that's a double insult - ie I suit hideous stuff - which is quite possible!
Or else she means she herself wouldn't be seen dead in it, but she knows it's my type of thing.

But, given that she's 16 and I'm - well - not (!), I could really do with some opinions from ages in between!

This is well out of my normal price range, but I've just come into a little bit of money, so for once I can afford something beyond my usual limits.

AND - I've always loved bright colours. And now that I don't feel I need to hide my figure in blacks, greys, all dark & boring stuff, I want colourful clothes!

AND - (because of loving bright colours) when I first saw the Desigual stuff, I thought it was absolutely WOW, AWESOME, and any other superlative you might choose.
BUT their biggest size (even if they call it a 46, which should mean 18) is like a 12/14! And there was NO WAY I could ever wear any of their stuff.
I've got one of their bags, though. Because at least that fits!!!
So one of my aims - a Non-Scale Victory - was always to be able to fit into (and afford!) at least something from Desigual.

So - what do you think?

Hideous? Or gawjus?
I think I'm going to go for it - but more opinions would help!

Thanks, people.
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Omg it's mental I love it!!! I wouldn't wear it myself as It's not my style but I think it's great and if you love it then treat yourself, you deserve it after your hard work!!
Go for it. I love the colours, and were I at target I'd be tempted too! Mind you, I don't think I come into your 'ages in between' category, so perhaps my opinion won't count!

I used to say my own daughter was 'forty going on sixteen' until last year, but things seem to be coming together for her at last. Yours is just at the beginning of the trials - just love her and take her with a pinch of salt!

And love and enjoy your jacket.
Not particularly my style, but as I always say to my mam when she asks for opinions on her clothes - it's not me that's going to be wearing it.

If you like it, and you are going to feel comfortable in it, then go for it - treat yourself :D


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What makes me cautious is that it's bold combined with the price. If it's something you will still love years from now then buy it, but if you have any doubts...I found this just yesterday:
"Tune into your inner voice and listen to it when it says: When in doubt, don’t buy it.
When in doubt, don’t rescue it.
When in doubt, don’t eat it
When in doubt, don’t marry him.
When in doubt, don’t join it.
When in doubt, don’t subscribe to it.
When in doubt, don’t volunteer for it.
When in doubt, don’t get a pet.
When in doubt, don’t watch it or listen to it.
When in doubt, throw it out."
Love it! Go for it!

It certainly wouldn't suit, or fit, me - but it has attitude!

The main thing is - how is it going to make you feel? Are you going to walk down the street feeling like a million dollars? If so, then that's the jacket for you!

And it sounds to me as if you would regret it if you didn't buy it.
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I think if you love it & can afford it you should go for it.

Its not something i see a 16 year old wearing - they all tend to stick to the latest fashion and aren't very adventurous at that age. Beside - i think it needs confidence to wear something that bright - and that only comes with age & experience :)

And if you get bored with it let me know - i might take it off your hands if i ever get to target!!
I love it !!!! Wear it with pride. It will look fantastic with so many colours. It is a go anywhere jacket...........with dressy stuff for a special dinner or theatre. With jeans for shopping or more casual stuff........

Love it !!!!!
I just wrote a long detailed opinion as to why you should buy and then my phone decided to be rubbish (see my thread in off topic).

Essentially I said if YOU like it, you should buy it.

Have you seen it only online or in the flesh too? I find I often see things online and thinks it's gawjus, only to be disappointed when it arrives. So watch for that

I like EB's one too. But I just wouldn't wear a coat in the summer. Something that's more a year-round jacket is much more useful for me.


Trying again in 2012
If you love it you should treat yourself and have it - and enjoy wearing it on every possible occasion! It wouldn't be for me, but thats just the style and my big bum would clash horribly!!!
I voted "Hideous".. I don't think it's necessarily hideous, but I do think it's one of those things that looks better on the mannequin than it would on a human being. Kinda reminds me of Will Smith in Prince of Bel Air. Lol.

Tbh though, JimofTroy, if you love it then go for it :)

(I also really love the one Ellebear posted, I would wear that with pride. Lol)

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