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Optima slimfast meal bars from US


Has anyone else tried the optima bars from the US, I orded 24 from ebay which arrived yesterday and they are tonnes better than the uk bars and including postage worked out at 98p a bar!! loads more flavours like strawberry cheesecake and cookie dough and they have hunger control ingredients which keep you fuller for longer, so far so good and can last 3.5 hours without getting hungry, just wondered if anybody else uses them x
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On a mission !
I get those as well! I like the Caramel peanut ones and love the banana nut muffin snack bars. I did try the optima choc shake as well but found it too sweet. But yeah the bars are fab.I just received my second order! I want to try the little 100 cal Herseys and Reeses snack packs as well..I like the looks of those, as well as the little packs of 3 mini muffins for 100 cals ...I hope they don't smoosh in the post!!!
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Hi Neen

Thanks for your message, glad I am not the only optima fan on here! have not tried any of the snack bars yet but will be ordering some of those shortly along with another supply of meal bars! I love the UK slimfast milkshakes and normally have one for breakfast but the meal bars are great for lunchtimes. Had not heard of the 100 hershey and reese things but they sound brilliant! yep hope the muffins dont get squashed in the post!!

If you dont mind me asking how long have you been following slimfast? well done on your weight loss so far x


On a mission !
Hi Watto! Yes I was amazed at the range of flavours you can get. It's a shame we can't buy them in the UK stores. I got six packs of splenda sweetened sweeties off ebay as well that arrived today. They are called go lightly and I had six different flavour packs. I think they work out at 130 ish cals per serving of 7 sweets. I thought I would have just one to keep me out of mischief while I wait for tea to cook.
I have been on Slimfast since the beginning of last month and lost a stone. It's definately suiting me and getting the different variety stuff has really helped me stick to it.
It's really funny you should make this post today I spent about an hour last night on ebay looking at the Optima stuff. I was a little worried about customs, I don't know what's allowed in but if you ladies have had them imported it should be fine.

Slim Fast Slimfast Meal Snack Bars Shake Mix Chocolate on eBay (end time 25-Aug-09 01:30:37 BST) is the one I was looking at, which is over a months supply for £73 and looks like I'd get to try almost every flavour too plus snacks! What ebay user do you 2 buy from?


On a mission !
Heya, I buy from Mrs H20s. I have no complaints with the service ,. It's pretty good. I did order the same pack as you and I enjoyed trying all the bars very much. Still have loads of the snack ones left. The shake is a massive drum and has about 34 meals worth. It is a lot different to the UK shakes powder. As I mentioned its less creamy and very very sweet in comparison.
The bars are nice on the whole. I love love love the Caramel crispy peanut one and recently recieved a whole pack of 12 of those (theres soft caramel on top of peanutty filling , covered in choc) plus a whole pack of choc brownie flavour to top up my supplies.
Some can be a bit squished but still OK. No probs with customs as they are cleared for delivery into the UK.
My fave little snack bars were the banana nut but you get a lovely variety and I liked the peanut crisp ones which are like a little bar of peanut brittle covered in choc..perfect for a nut lover like me lol.

I think there is a selection of just meal and snack bars as well, I personally think that the shakes we have are nicer.
I hope you enjoy them when you get them. Usually 2 / 3 weeks delivery time.
Hiya to both of you

Yep you cant beat the optima bars! lol! I ordered mine from a womans shop called emma's antiques and they arrived a week later, I only ordered 24 of the meal bars but am keen to try the snack bars and those go lightly sweets you mentioned Neen, my bars were a bit squashed in the post but stuck them in the fridge and seem to be fine, still taste devine! Good luck Fatty Mcgbigbum hope you enjoy them if you do place an order. Well done to both of you on your weight losses, I started two weeks ago but dont seem to have lost much yet, mind you my scales are not the most accurate so am going to start weighing at boots and go from there but finding it easy to stick to x

Yep thats the one, hmm will have to check when I get home as when I ordered them from her last week there was no mention of the sell by dates in the listing so I just presumed they would be in date, either way they do taste nice, so far I have tried the strawberry cheesecake, peanut crunch, chocolate chip granola and the cookie dough one and all of them are really nice even the boyfriend liked the strawberry cheesecake one he tried and he is pretty fussy! I had been using the UK chocolate shakes for breakfast and then the chocolate crunch meal bars for lunch up until the US ones arrived yesterday and was getting a bit sick of them so have had the US meal bars instead and they are so nice! does not work out much more expensive either, good luck and happy shopping lol!x


On a mission !
Argh, just seen this thread and went browsing on the e-bay link, wow great stuff might have to get some. Trouble is I've just seen the rest of the stuff in her store!! Yikes, may have to stay clear lol, after spending 6 months in the states I got a liking for a few things that you can't get over here (thanks god!) and she sells them!! Ha, I've even had family members who went on holiday to the States or Canada bring me some back before, lol!
Stirky tell me you tried the Reeses peanut butter cups! I've heard about them in films and always wanted to try them. I still have about 2 weeks growing a baby before I can SF so can eat a little bit of crap til then :D 1 think I didn't find however and something I've always wanted to try since Greece (the movie) is a Twinky!
Yes tried them but wasn't keen lol! I don't like US chocolate, I was deprived from chocolate when I was over there lol, sometimes we'd find Cadburys and stock up lol! No it's the US crackers and cookies I have a soft spot for, yummy!
Yes that's what I was thinking! Will cost me pounds in both senses lol! The meal bars look good tho, I don't like our UK ones but some of those flavours sound yummy!


On a mission !
Yep I am trying to avoid the cinammon rolls on the listing!!! I saw fat free brownie mix...hmmmmm...wonder what they're like. I did go through a stage of eating Reeses nutrageous bars from Tescos...which is pure lunacy when you think they consist of a load of peanut butter with peanuts on and a big slurp of choc all the way round...about THE worst choc bar choice possible !!!
I'm managing to avoid such decadence now though thankfully!
Those 100 cal snack packs look very tempting too! Esp the cinammon graham cracker ones!!! Oooo! Funny how I didn't put on weight while I was in the US lol, although I was doing lots of activity so must have equaled it out, they certainly eat well over there!


On a mission !
Yeah the little fiddly food packs appeal to me, specially for the evening snack time. Thats my worst time overall, when I fancy nossets most. I would definately say that as well as eating well , theres much more slimming food choice over in the states as far as I can make out.

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