Orange is the New Black

Discussion in 'Movies, Music and TV' started by PotterMrs, 23 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Full Member

    OITNB is showing on Netflix at the mo, has anybody seen it? I absolutely loved it, especially the last episode of season 2! Can't believe tho that season 3 won't be out til late 2015! Will have to fill my time with series 2 of Wentworth which is starting in a few weeks! Yay!
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  3. Tootsy

    Tootsy Full Member

    I loved it I was hooked after the first season and felt like years for season 2 to come out, Same waiting game for season 3 lol, I've been watching the 100 it's quite good :)
  4. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Full Member

    Orange is the New Black is my favourite programme!! Absolutely love it =)

    If you're on Facebook and want some pictures, news etc about the show search for 'Orange is the new black fans' and request to join the group... I'm admin =) xx
  5. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    Yes ONITB was so good! shame such delays in the seasons it should go on forever like a soap haha.

    i am looking forward to new walking dead and american horror story AND Bates motel - all really good i'd recommend if havent watched :)
  6. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Full Member

    I'm a bit too scared for American Horror Story. I'm watching Fringe at the that. You seen Orphan Black?

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  7. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    lol, its not scary!!! - I did see a few Orphan blacks on BBC3, i didn't get it at all - theyre all the same person running away from someone or something? lol i see it's on netflix now too - may give it a go!

    Try american horror story - its not actually scary or even jumpy to be honest it is a bit strange though, season 2 is better! they are different things different seasons so can jump - different people different stories completely so wont have missed anything!
  8. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Full Member

    When I've finished watching 4 seasons on Fringe I may brave it lol

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  9. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    lol, you must! :)
  10. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Full Member

    Do you watch Wentworth?

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  11. ginzeh

    ginzeh Full Member

    No, what is it?? I've heard of it I think I always think of prison break wasn't that went worth prison? Or it is in something!

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  12. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Full Member

    It's a modern day Prisoner Cell Block so good
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  13. flowergirl

    flowergirl Full Member

    Been wanting to start this for a while!! :)
  14. Peterc95

    Peterc95 Member

    Orphan Black is such an awesome show! Tatiana Maslany is so talented. Can't wait for Season 3!
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