Orange is the New Black

Discussion in 'Movies, Music and TV' started by PotterMrs, 23 August 2014.

  1. PotterMrs

    PotterMrs Well-Known Member

    OITNB is showing on Netflix at the mo, has anybody seen it? I absolutely loved it, especially the last episode of season 2! Can't believe tho that season 3 won't be out til late 2015! Will have to fill my time with series 2 of Wentworth which is starting in a few weeks! Yay!
  2. Tootsy

    Tootsy Well-Known Member

    I loved it I was hooked after the first season and felt like years for season 2 to come out, Same waiting game for season 3 lol, I've been watching the 100 it's quite good :)
  3. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Well-Known Member

    Orange is the New Black is my favourite programme!! Absolutely love it =)

    If you're on Facebook and want some pictures, news etc about the show search for 'Orange is the new black fans' and request to join the group... I'm admin =) xx
  4. ginzeh

    ginzeh Well-Known Member

    Yes ONITB was so good! shame such delays in the seasons it should go on forever like a soap haha.

    i am looking forward to new walking dead and american horror story AND Bates motel - all really good i'd recommend if havent watched :)
  5. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit too scared for American Horror Story. I'm watching Fringe at the that. You seen Orphan Black?

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  6. ginzeh

    ginzeh Well-Known Member

    lol, its not scary!!! - I did see a few Orphan blacks on BBC3, i didn't get it at all - theyre all the same person running away from someone or something? lol i see it's on netflix now too - may give it a go!

    Try american horror story - its not actually scary or even jumpy to be honest it is a bit strange though, season 2 is better! they are different things different seasons so can jump - different people different stories completely so wont have missed anything!
  7. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Well-Known Member

    When I've finished watching 4 seasons on Fringe I may brave it lol

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  8. ginzeh

    ginzeh Well-Known Member

    lol, you must! :)
  9. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Well-Known Member

    Do you watch Wentworth?

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  10. ginzeh

    ginzeh Well-Known Member

    No, what is it?? I've heard of it I think I always think of prison break wasn't that went worth prison? Or it is in something!

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  11. LoobieLou1983

    LoobieLou1983 Well-Known Member

    It's a modern day Prisoner Cell Block so good
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  12. flowergirl

    flowergirl Well-Known Member

    Been wanting to start this for a while!! :)
  13. Peterc95

    Peterc95 Member

    Orphan Black is such an awesome show! Tatiana Maslany is so talented. Can't wait for Season 3!

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