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Orange! (TMI)


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Hi sorry for the tmi thread but i was a bit suprised this morning, i hadnt eaten since dinner yesterday about 6pm which was chicken, mayo pasta and salad again!! left over from day before!! anyway thought nothing of it when i need to go for a number 2 this morning as i do most mornings.

When i went all seemed fine smelt normal etc but when i wiped it was orange! yes i no its not nice to read but i just wandered if this is the orange oil people talk of?

It didnt look like oil or anything though, and does it mean the xenical is working or does it mean i ate too much fat cos from what i ate yesterday i really cant see how i can cut anymore fat out!!

I had granary toast with bovril on for breakfast (2 slices) with a cup of tea was whole milk in the tea cos had nothing else but only a tiny bit

Lunch was granary bread with ham, cheese, pickle and salad with low fat yoghurt

Dinner was leftover from day before so chicken pasta light mayo and salad

Now i am thinking most of what i ate was low fat or fat free so cant see any problems with the little bits of fat i had such as the milk and cheese as they would be within my daily fat allowance.

And its not causing me a problem as i said i had no urgency to go nor did i leak or anything so am i right to guess this is normal and its just working fine and i am doing everything ok?

Sorry for too much info x
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Sorry but cheese and light mayo are NOT low fat ( in relation to Xenical) Even so called low fat cheese is at the very lowest 15% fat. The only true low fat cheese that I know of are Laughing Cow Extra Light ( these are 3% fat) and Philadelphia Extra Light ( 4.7% fat).

ETA...Helmans Extra Light Mayo is 3% fat..tis an acquired taste ( its more runny than the light mayo, but you can get used to it :) )
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sorry should of said it is the extra light one, i hear many people say they dont like it but i find it fine!! the chesse i had was literally a pinch, i spoke to a nurse about it and she said that from what i ate and the fact that it happend more then 12 hours after i last ate means that it wasnt a bad thing she said it was just doing what xenical does, she said if i had the sudden urge to go or had leaked or had the runs it would have been due to too much fat so i am happy that it is just doing its job!
I kinda feel good knowing its doing its job!
S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
Glad you got to the erm bottom ( sorry sorry, bad joke lol) of it :D xxx


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yeah anything with highish fat levels in it causes that problem , cheese no matter how much or low fat in it will cause that in my expierience...but better out then in. huh?.



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yep certainly!! as i said it was no problem no accidents and it got the fat out so all good!!

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