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I don't really know if there is a point to this thread, but I am feeling majorly depressed and have no motivation to do anything.

After four years of slogging it out in uni and hating every minute of it, new school term comes round and I have no prospect of a job (I am a trained maths teacher).

Everyone in the house keeps telling me that something will come up and not to panick, but I am wondering how long that will last for - especially my mum who is so annoying and unsupportive all the time, she has enough things in her life to worry about apparently - she will soon be really hard on me.

I have two interviews soon, however I know I am not going to get either - people with more experience applying, also a case of who you know - I dont know anybody!

Just so depressing come september to still be working in my crappy part time job where all so called managers think i am as thick as **** - which i am not - i am very capable.

Again not much point to this thread just had to let it out - way to prepare for my interview :(
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Nojo on the YoYo
Dude I work in PR and I got made redundant in May. I'm temping as a secretary at the moment, which has shoved me back about 10 years! I know what you mean about it being depressing. But you know what you should do, go into the recipe section and experiment, get into baking, make some of those funny, weird and wonderful sounding cakes and pies. Try new things, and take the free time you have to get into exercise!

This time off might be the best thing you ever did, and whilst you're waiting for that elusive job, join a subs agency! Can you get teaching experience from subbing? Apply to be a teaching assistant, then YOU are the one who is applying for a job you are overqualifying for. You say you don't know anyone, GET to know them.

Get hold of all the schools you could comfortably commute to and offer your services as an assistant in the maths departments. Before long you'll know EVERYONE!

Good luck hun xxx
*hugs* i know how you feel, although as youv been slogging it out in uni and i can say your situation is proberly a bit pooer than mine..

I trained to be a hairdresser, had tutors and people around me who treated me like ****, were very unsupportive and constantly put me down.. i qualified and now am really struggeling to get a job, i go back in september to do an advanced course to add to my qualification, but you have to have a job/placement to do the course.. iv got 2 weeks to find myself one. just feel like i worked so hard and im still unemployed!!! eurgh.

anyways, back to you, i totally get how your feeling, and it sounds like with your mum being so unsupportive and in a job you hate so much, i expect its all magnified. I hope somthing comes up for you soon.. dont be so down about the interviews, the more confident you come across the better your chance. Show em how much you want it.

This time off might be the best thing you ever did, and whilst you're waiting for that elusive job, join a subs agency! Can you get teaching experience from subbing? Apply to be a teaching assistant, then YOU are the one who is applying for a job you are overqualifying for. You say you don't know anyone, GET to know them.

This is a super good idea.
My sister is a TA in a autistic children's school but used to temp with an agency and actually got her permanant job through them as they thought she was o good.. and althought its not regular and always last min, the pay is good.. my sis says you can get £10+ an hour temping in a normal school and £15+ temping in an autistic childrens school.

my uncles also just doing his last year at uni to be a qualified teacher, and hes also having trouble..

Yeh it sucks I am in the same situation got a law degree which is going to absolutely no use and working a dead end job to pay the bills. I know how frustrating and depressing the situation is. They encourage you to do well and school and go to uni and get a degree. And where does it get you? Nowhere it would seem.

But hey times are hard and at the end of the day you have a good qualification and hopefully in time it will get you where you want to be. At least you have the advantage of knowing what it is you want to do I am clueless.

Best of luck




Thank you very much for all your replies, I have joined the Substitute teachers register, I should really get my cv sorted and start handing it into the local schools - again no motivation - tbh I don't even know if i want to do this job. I would be extremly shy - people as a result think that I am weird which I kinda of I suppose - goes against me. I dont think that I made much of an impression on my teaching placements - which again goes against me.

Suppose I have to stop being negative and be positive and get on with it!

Thank you very much for all your replies - really have to start doing something productive now! Thank you again!


Nojo on the YoYo
It might sound weird hun but if it's confidence you're low on, join an am-dram group. A guy my OH works with was really really low on confidence, he joined one and had some training. It was completely free and he now has sooo much confidence. He was even an extra in the new Harry Potter movie!!


I am losing weight - which i am sure will improve my confidence. When I have lost say a stone I plan to start running which i am sure will help to! Thank you for your suggestion - i will look into it!


Hey! Update on me! I had an interview late on wednesday and when i was preparing for it i got a phone call from another local school - who my daddy knows the principal of. They asked me did i have any work and would i be interested in subbing - I was thrilled and said no problem! They then asked me to come into the school for a meeting. I thought the meeting would entail me handing in my cv normal stuff - but it turns out the person that they had employed for a post that i didnt even get an interview for has let them down and they want me to cover in the meantime - i will actually get experience teaching the subject!!! I am thrilled :D:D If i dont get post when it is readvertised i will get subbing work yay!!! :D :D :D

Thanks again everyone for all your kind words!


Thank you I am so excited :D It is going to be hard work but i am looking forward to it :D


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I am so pleased for you! Good luck! This is just the start of a whole new career!
That is great news!! good luck with the job:)


Champion actifryer
Just shows you never know what's round the corner! You have everything going for you. I'm sure the job and the weightloss will do your self confidence no end of good. All the best with both!

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