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OT ? metaformin vs Bonviva to prevent osteoporosis


I'm a greedy pig
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i was 27 on 13th march 2009:wave_cry::wave_cry::wave_cry:[sorry i keep saying my age].

i posted in previous threads that due to my ovaries not working right i rarely if ever get totm.

anyway due to my ovaries not working right i have low oestrogen levels at times . as a result i am apparently at increased risk of osteoporosis:cry: and found out just before christmas i have reduced bone density in my hip[which could develop into osteoporosis if not treated]

my gp started me on Bonviva about 2 and a half months ago and i presume its working so i don't need to worry about ostoporosis but if metaformin would help me lose weight while preventing me getting osteoporosis[since i read it sorts out hormone imbalances and it would be hormone imbalance that is causing me to be at risk of osteoporosis ]and stop me getting diabetes it would solve several problems / worries at once

anyway i have read here that metaformin can help hormone imbalances, reduce blood sugar levels and help people lose weight..which sounds good to me

i was wondering if maybe my gp could prescribel me metformin to prevent osteoporosis and help me lose weight and stop me getting diabetes[i apparentlly have normal fasting blood glucose but i crave sugar and eat too much sugar and have too many fizzy drinks and am constantly thirsty so worry i have or will develop diabetes ]

i must say i have not got pcos(and i also have normal fasting blood glucose so not technically a diabetic but worry i will get it and aim to lose weight to reduce my risk of it]

[i have not being tested for pcos...its another medical condition that causes my hormone imbalance ]so i wonder if thats why my drs never mentioned metaformin to me

for better or worse i was discharged from my gynaecologist a year ago[due to not been on treatment at the time and did not appear to need treatment for my hormone imbalance]

...i was sent[when i checked when i was due for one] for a bone scan before christmas and got the results[mixed] and the gynaecologist wrote to me to go back to my gp for treatment to stop me getting osteoeoporois so can't ask about this[if metaformin would stop me getting osteoporosis+ help me lose weight and stop me getting diabetes..]

sorry for being so horrible ..just wondering as i see alot of people on here who have these problems[albeit different conditions causing the problems]that i wanted to see what others make of this

stupid me..i am no dr let alone gynaecologist so should i ask my gp if metaformin would help deal with my situation...bonviva i imagine is helping my bones a lot but i don't think it helps blood sugar levels or weight loss

any advice

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think the best bet is ask ur GP. i dont know if there is any research articels on the net u could use...

hope u find ur answer


I'm a greedy pig
S: 8st7lb C: 8st5lb G: 7st2lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st2lb(1.68%)
well neither have I heard of metaformin being used to prevent osteoporosis and none of my drs ever sugested it to me.

over the years I have being told I have being warned by my dr i could be at increased risk of osteoporosis due to a hormone imbalance[ovaries not working right] so am wondering how to prevent that happening...and i read here that metaformin can remedy hormone imbalance so wondered then if it could prevent osteoporosis ...i am certainly no dr

i am on Bonviva and calcium so hopefully won't get osteoporosis...just wondered if metaformin would help me lose weight and reduce my risk of diabetes as well as sort out my risk of osteoporosis

i read that metaformin can regulate hormones[as well as help blood sugar and weight loss] so wondered if that would reduce risk of osteoporosis..

i'd ask my gynaecologist but have being discharged so i may ask my Gp

i think the reason it has not being sugested to me is that i don't have pcos..but still what i read here is getting me thinking
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Hi I have been on metformin for my pcos. polycystic ovaries are as a result of an endocrine disorder that causes insulin resistance therefore the body cannot metabolise complex carbohydrates and sugars so they get stored as fat. In those with pcos metformin relieves the symptoms of insulin resistance and this is why people lose weight. Metformin is not a weight loss treatment.
I am a nurse and it sounds to me as if you are on the correct treatment for your bone problems. But you are right to query if you think the treatment that you are on is not effective. I would certainly suggest that you have a full set of fertility tests done as this would indicate whether you do have pcos. In regards to your gp prescribing metformin for this, I very much doubt he would. Metformin is not liscenced for use in this patient group but has been shown to help in certain cases. You need to be under a gynaecologist in order to be prescribed it. I hope this helps


I'm a greedy pig
S: 8st7lb C: 8st5lb G: 7st2lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st2lb(1.68%)
oh stupid me

i am sure the Bonviva and calcium is the correct treatment for my bones but i was just curious ...as it seemed to help weight loss and blood sugars as well as hormone imbalances

as far as i know the bonviva is working and my bones are ok but i won't know for sure until i get a bone scan again in Dec 2010 which is a bit nerve wracking

I have being to a gynaecologist and had hormone tests etc...i would appear to have a hormone imbalance [which is reason i am at possible risk of osteoporosis] but don't think i have have pcos. :cry::cry::cry::cry:

i can't see gynaecologist as i was discharged ....and i can imagine my gp won't refer me to a gynaecologist[either the same or preferably a different gynaecologist to the one i saw] as it would appear i don't need treatment from a gynaecologist for my situation

anyway thanks for your help. i may see what my gp says but i am reluctant to as it would appear i am on the correct treatment to prevent osteoporosis [i am 27 so not that young]

Thats not stupid at all, you are right to make an informed decision about your health. Go tho your gp and relay your concerns it wont do any harm. If you dont ask you dont get.
Maybe he could suggests dianette a minipill that may help you with your hormonal imbalance.
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I'm a greedy pig
S: 8st7lb C: 8st5lb G: 7st2lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st2lb(1.68%)
i am so selfish and lazy

i applied for my medical records from the gynaecology clinic [feel very cheeky forward and guitly doing this but felt i had no choice as i have being discharged and my gp is not in a position to give me any information on all this] and received them yesterday and spent hours trying to understand them

i had my hormones levels checked before but don't know if i will be able to get them checked again

is dianette a progestrogen only pill? that has never being presented as an option to me

anyway i see my gp next Friday. i may ask her about all this but Bonviva is probably the correct treatment to prevent osteoporosis so am reluctant to


I'm a greedy pig
S: 8st7lb C: 8st5lb G: 7st2lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st2lb(1.68%)
yes i did have some cheeck applying for the records and do feel guilty..how dare i and how dare i be sane and live

i haven't told my mother about the records and am trying to pluck up the courage..i'm afraid she would disapprove[i am 27 and have the mind of a ten year old]

i didn't want to kick up a fuss to try get to see specialist it would appear i don't need to[even though i have some questions and stuff i would like to clarify and am trying to figure out where i stand in relation to my condition] and i don't think my gp would refer me anyway[same reason technically i don't need to see specialist ] so say only other option was to apply for records

don't think it's worth the guilt...the feeling i have intruded on others boundaries and being cheecky and forward etc

thanks anyway

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