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Ot Need advice Taking Kids out of school for holidays


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We booked our holiday months ago for October but since then the school announced it was cracking down on holiday during the term time. I do agree with this because at our school the same families 2 weeks off every year.

This is the 2nd time I've asked for J to have time off (1st was 3 years ago when we took him on honeymoon for 3 days).

Sent the form in last week and they've now wrote to us to say that they won't be granting any leave from September 2008. It doesn't say we have or haven't been granted the leave so I'm confused and will have to clarify with the head.

However, what am i going to do if she says no?

This is the first holiday we've had since 2006 (which was August).

i feel sick with worry. Anyone else been in a similar boat?
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My dad had the same problem with my sister but he took her out anyway and nothing happened however i would recommend going into school talking to head face to face explain holiday has cost so much. I think its better to talk face to face regarding matters lke this

Good Luck hun xxxxxx


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Our school allows two weeks in the year, but at my sons school you're not allowed to take any.

People still do though ;)

Really strict school aswell, but think they realise it's not something they will be able to win on.

They still announce the rule every now and again to discourage it.


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I would just explain to the head that you booked it before they announced this crack down and that you cannot afford to cancel it. I would also point out that it's not a regular habit that you plan to take on.
Another good way to get around it is to a) ask for homework to take with you (just do it on the plane) and b) point out that educational aspect of seeing different countries and tell them somewhere educational you'll be taking J to when you're there (doesn't have to be true!:D).


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Im sure if you explain that you had already booked it then they shouldn't have a problem. If they do call in sick for them, there is nothing they can do about it.


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how old is he??
i take mine out of school and did so out of nursery (hes only 5!)
but think it does no harm at all!!
they learn more going away anyway.
we have to fill in a form just to say why we are doing it in term time. if everybody puts price they might to something about it - its disgusting how much more it is to go in the holidays.
have a good time. x
hmmmmm difficult one. I'm a teacher and I honestly totally disagree with it because DOES affect the learning of your child and they miss lots. It's also difficult for the child to catch up - 2 weeks is 1/18 of the school year!
BUT I also understand that it can be difficult to get away at other times of year and that children do learn a lot when they go away about other cultures.
I would speak to the head to ask for clarifictaion. The head will probably be clamping down as the absences are high and school with bad absences CAN get into BIG trouble!
At the end of the day, you need to make a decision based on what is best for your child, no matter what anyone else says. xx


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Thanks all.

He'll be 12 when we go away (year 8).

We'll only be away for 7 school days. Just hope I can convince them to let us go.

I do understand why they do it but for those of us who can't aford an annual holiday and can't aford half term holidays it's really difficult. If we'd taken him away in the 1/2 term he's still need to miss days because of the flight times and it would have cost us another £400! The holiday was only £920 anyway - how can they justify upping it that much!!!


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I must admit this is a tricky one.
I think if you go in with the approach that it was already booked it might get their backs up as you are suposed to get permission before you book. I have taken my son out of school a few times during term time but only for odd days tagged on to holidays as the flights are so much cheaper. I have always asked for extra homework for him but they have never given it!
I think I would go in with the reason being work commitments mean that is the only time you can take your family holiday & if all else fails cry (if it's a man!!) & go for the sympathy vote!! Good luck & let us know how you get on xxx
This subject makes my blood boil to be honest. The government should take tour operators to task about increasing prices during school holiday time so that parents are forced to take holidays at other times.

Why should a hard working family not have a holiday because the have children and cannot take them out of school. Its victimisation!

I don't know what to advise you, I personally would go, the £50 fine you may (and I mean may) receive depending on how vindictive your local education authority are is a lot less than the money you will lose by cancelling the holiday.

Sorry to rant, just my opinion.



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I'm taking mine out for a couple of days in October to go to Lanzarote. Flights are on a thursday from Scotland so no option. I'm not overly worried about it. The Primary didnt bother but i got a letter from the High School when i did it a couple of years ago. We had extenuating (sp)circumstances but that didnt count.
My argument is that my youngest daughter is going into P7 and she has only been off one and two at the most days since she started school. Now, if she had had chicken pox she would compulsory be off for a fortnight, if she had a sick bug they've to be off 48 hours so wheres the difference.
Yes, i do know people that take their kids out for a fortnight and i agree they shouldnt. I had a teacher friend tell me she had a child on hol for a week but had heard through the grapevine. She said the family wouldnt like it if she took a holiday in term time. My reply to her was that teachers (and support staff like myself) have 12 weeks a year holiday unlike others (my OH) who have only 4 weeks. Of that 4 weeks they also have colleagues to work round. She had no argument after that. Personally, i couldnt go in the summer as i find it unbearably hot (did Turkey in July '89 and was put off abroad until 2002!)so i much prefer the October temps.
Anyways, sorry cos that was a bit of a rant i feel but just wanted to add my tuppence, I hope you have a great time.

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