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OT: Not a happy bunny!


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So today I did loads of cleaning, and I mean LOADS!

I did my stuff like I put all my washing away, cleaned and tidied my room, did 2 more lots of washing,

But then I did loads of general house stuff too. I tidied the hall, went through the piles of letters and threw away the junk and bundled up the letters for the old tenants, tidied the lounge, swept the kitchen floor using a dustpan and brush as we don't have a broom! There was loads of washing up, none of it was actually mine, but I was sick of it being there so I did all that, cleaned the hob, tidied and cleaned all the work surfaces, cleaned the toilet, bath and sink, washed the dirty bathroom towels and bath mat and emptied all the bins!

So I did a lot, and it's obvious that I did it. The kitchen, hall, bathroom and lounge are now completely clean and tidy, and there's no washing up!

So I'm sitting here in the lounge and one of my housemates comes back, walks through to the kitchen, briefly says hi, and that's it. She goes and uses the bathroom (so will see that it's actually clean for once as I'm sure none of them have cleaned it before!) makes a cup of tea, leaves the dirty spoon on the work surface and goes up to her room. Not even a mention of the fact that the place is spotless! The only thing I didn't do was mop the floors because we don't have a mop and bucket! I spent hours, and not even the slightest acknowledgement. I didn't do it for that, I did it because I wanted it clean and tidy, but for her to even notice and acknowledge it would be nice!

Grrr. I look forward to not living in a shared house!
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I can see how you would feel completely unappreciated after that. But don't let your housemate's lack of respect get you down. She is only proving that she doesn't have the decency to notice your hard work. Don't let her drag you down to that level and try not to let her take advantage of your cleanliness and thoughtful nature in the future. :patback:


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Hi Caroline

I had years of living in shared flats and houses and its definitely a mixed bag of experiences, including some great friendships that have turned me into a godmother, honoury auntie etc to the next generation.
But eventually getting my own place was a relief.

Don't let the ignorance of others upset you. I have lived in a couple of houses with weekly cleaning rotas - not sure if that could be introduced at your place?

You sound like such a genuinely nice person to have in a houseshare - what a pity it is for your fellow tennants that they can't appreciate you x


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I lived in house shares for years before I met my hubby. I am not the tidiest person in the world, but I am clean at least and I can't bear a dirty bathroom or kitchen so I feel your pain.

One of my worst housemates was a guy who owned the house I lodged in. We got on great and were good friends and he was a lot of fun but he had had his mum looking after him for life and I think he expected me to do the same! He'd stick his clothes in the washing machine and leave them in there for days so they'd STINK and he never ever ever did the washing up. I'd let his dishes pile up on the side, but I'd have to was the saucepans and grill before I could use them.

In the end, I was resenting it so much that I asked him if he'd split the cost of a cleaner and he agreed. So for £10 a week each we had a spotless house and no more burning resentment.

Is that an option for you?


Slimming down the aisle
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To be honest, they're not all that bad. The washing up does usually get done, might be a couple of days though. I've seen one of them cleaning the hob and stuff, the other one I haven't seen do anything but wash up. I'd be all for a cleaner, but they wouldn't do it. A few weeks ago I was told that I couldn't put the heating on because they can't afford a big bill so I should put extra layers on instead!

Most of the time, it's fine and I'm not that bothered. Think I was in a bit of a mood yesterday, and so it was even more annoying that my 3 hours of cleaning went unnoticed! It's still worth it for a nice clean house anyway.

Thanks guys :)

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