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(OT) Thank God for good neighbours!


I will succeed!!!
I've been to the Dr's now 3 times in as many weeks about my tummy problems and they're awful!

First Dr was lovely (he usually is) and gave me some pills to see if it was acid related. The pills made me feel worse, so I went back last week to tell them. The problem where I go is that you get whoever is free, so I got someone new. She was terrible. It was a case of 'stop with the pills and come back in a month (!) if the pain continues'.

Anyway, been worse this week so went tonight and saw ANOTHER Dr who was rude and made a joke about me being back and was I worried did I have cancer!!! She tried to fob me off when she realised it was star week this week. I put foot down and said 'I'm 26 and have had periods for 12 years. I can tell the difference'.

So she said I can have bloods taken next week to see if anything shows up.

But I was so mad that I popped in to see my neighbour who is a GP. I never did this as I didn't want to bother her with medical stuff you know? Anyway, she as so lovely and said that I'd been looking 'pale and tired' of late and she wondered why the other day when she saw me. She gave me some wee sticks and told me to run round with them asap to see if it shows anything, and to try some IBS relief from Boots. She also recommended I change my Drs surgery as when she heard where I go to, she rolled her eyes and said 'figures'. She doesn't work where she said, so it wasn't a commission lol!

She said what to look out for and what to try to ease it. And that if I ever feel worse to go round and see her. I won't though as they have two toddlers and I don't want to abuse her! LOL!

But it was nice to see how different she was to my surgery.

And given work stress of late it makes sense it could be IBS as she said stress can set it off big time.

Feeling happier now, though still got tummy ache!

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Grr to your usual doctors (plural) - what unprofessional behaviour by them, teasing you about cancer!!!
I think you did the right thing popping to see your neighbour, sounds like it was no problem at all for her, so don't feel like you're inconveniencing her. She'd have said no if she didn't want to give you advice, I'm sure.

My sister gets IBS, as does my mum...the suffer quite badly, so I do sympathise. Hope you feel better soon hun. Work out what it might be that affects your tummy and go from there. Mum's affected by citrus fruit and strawberries!
Babes - thank goodness there was someone to look after you. You must change your doctors that sounds really pants.

Do as your neibour says and try to chill a bit. (hard I know!)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Aw no, some Dr's can be so rude! Hope you feel better soon. Xx

My EX Dr said to me, when I went to inform him I was pregnant: "well don't get excited, God might have other plans for your baby". And that was pretty much it, signed some forms and told me to expect a call from a midwife at 8weeks (if I didn't go back there first!!!) Needless to say I changed surgeries! Lol. X

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