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OT The things you do as a mum


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Well, the little ones in the shower and he's just had a poo, so I've just had to clean it up. Hes already had 2 today so I wasnt expecting that one, lol. Before I had a kid I would of run a mile by when you become a parent you seem to become immune, lol!
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oh no :eek: that is totally gross. I dont think I'd eat again after that, lol!


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lmao....my ex's mum told me that when he was a child, him and his sister emptied their nappies and ate the content!! :eek::eek::eek:

It took me a while to want to lock lips with him again!! :8855:


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aww dont. we are potty training my 2 year old now.... absolute nightmare! i thought changing his nappy was a pain but empying the potty seems so much worse!! not yet had to clean one up off the floor............. yet! but you are right as a mother you do things that you before would seem awful.


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uck, lol, Ive just finished eating my chocolate mousse, so it didnt put me off that much, lol, but, after reading those last comments I'm feeling decidedly queasy! My little boy is 18mth and I've bought him a potty but not put him on it yet, after reading this I think I'll stick with nappies, forever :D!


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But what if he takes it off and inspects the contents! Arghh theres no escape, lol!
I know....we are try to teach are son to put his trouser back on after he's been to the loo! Its quite funny at play group he comes out with his pants trousers and shoes in his hands...bless him!!


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My eleven year old son is just like a toddler and still in nappies. He has a huge appetite and you wouldn't believe some of the messes I've had to clean up.



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I've been lucky with my daughter. She was never inquisitive enough to do anything beastly with the contents. My biggest problem was the OH who somehow managed to kick the potty over before I got a chance to empty it. He ws always goofing around in the living room and the the potty would go for a burton. Luckily there was never a poo in it only wee.


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O/T but a funny parenting story.

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time and had our babies 10 wks apart. When my nephew was born I was very heavily pregnant. One day I'm at my sisters, having a cup of tea whilst she's still getting to grips with breastfeeding. She's a pretty flat chested lass normally but she had water melons whilst breastfeeding and copious amounts of milk. So she's got my nephew suckling like a good 'un and sat next to me on the sofa, chatting and drinking our tea when all of a sudden he pulls of mid flow. I had breast milk squirted in my eye and in my tea whilst my sister is laughing her head off and using her fingers to stem the flow sending the milk in all directions. It only lasted for a split second, but i can now honestly put my hand up and say that have tasted my sisters bodily fluids :jelous:
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Oh dear lol, my son is 11 months and a few months ago we had a diarrhea incident eeeek!! It was everywhere, all up his back, all over his cot, and stuck in his hair...I never thought when I was pregnant I'd be picking bits of poo out of my sons hair, but as you say as a parent its just part & parcel eh :p the nicest thing of all was I later found his dummy under his cot and it was poo covered as well aarrrghh...really hoping he didnt put it in! I don't know how some mothers have such close gaps between their kids, imagine sorting all that out with morning sickness :eek:

Never had a milk squirting incident thankfully!!! lol


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amazing what you put up with as a mother, isn't it? somehow when they're your own you just cope.....my worst was finding my son had sat in a lovely chair at my dressing table and done a big poo in it....ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Parental joy - having no choice but to snuggle up to a child with a headfull of lice cos they are feeling sad and need a cuddle! :eek: :eek: Makes me itch just thinking about it!!

I hate the little meanies with a passion, especially when it takes me a weekend to comb through her curly hair and then she comes back from school with a new batch because some parents haven't bothered! ARGH! :mad:


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My nephew was staying at mine in the middle of potty training, and he decided to have a poo in his swimming trunks in the paddling pool. Not too bad, you might say, but the trunks had a netted insert and the poo was trapped in it!! I gagged while trying to get poo out of all the little holes, while my mum nearly weed herself laughing!
I would have binned the trunks but they were a special birthday pair from Spain!
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My youngest used to regularly poo in the bath (think the warm water relaxed her!!!) so often that we bought a little fishing net to scoop it out with. funniest was if she was sharing the bath with her older sister-never seen a kid exit a bath so quickly!!


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I can remember my sister doing the same thing to me when we were kids. :mad:

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