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OT - Yayyyyy


gunna be a fatty for ever
yeay thats excellent news! i am sooo pleased for ya! xmas has come early for u!

yayyyyyyyyyyyy :p. congrats now you can look forward to xmas x


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yeyeyeeyey so glad it came through
enjoy the next two years...
and if you need any advice on the next visa, let me know! more than happy to help you out!! you could even have the book i had to study for the test you have to do (if its still valid!!)
Thanks everyone, It's a HUGE load off.

Kes, was the test just general info stuff ?


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hmmm the test..... its a multiple choice test based on whats in the book... things like whats the % of muslims in the country... what does the queen really do!!, etc... its all in the book. so if you know the book inside and out you will get them all right!


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if i find the book (as i would hvae thrown it to the bottom of the i dont know what to do with pile when having a tidy up) ill send it to you!
No I don't mind at all. We don't have any kids and hopefully it will stay that way. Ive been getting along great with the coil so far. The worst part was the first week, I got really bad period pains but it's been fine since, although I did get a little period pain this month but that should die down in a few months.
It's different for every person, I have heard horror stories and have also heard women say it's the best thing they ever done, just depends on the person. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones with no side effects. Let me know how you get along with it.
Yeah I got spot bleeding for the first week but since then nothing until now which is my TOTM. But it hardly lasted a day this time.

I haven't been working because of immigration issues but I probably would have went in to work, funny enough it hurt more at night then during the day.

Just take some pain killers and your hot water bottle will be a HUGE help !!
You have been a great help thanks - greeeat news too about your immigration issues mate. It probably hurt more during the night as you were lying down......? I'll take some pain killers then and dig my hottie out.
Soz, one more question - were you awake when they put it in and was it that you had it as a result of previous 'problems' with your periods? xx

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