Other half on CD but visit to india on the cards!

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  1. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!

    My other half is on CD 1000 at the moment and is doing very well. He has about 2st to go but is steadily losing.

    His work have a trip to India planned for him for the end of April for 3 weeks :eek:. How will that fit into CD?!?!?! Would it be possible to stick to the diet? Is there a way of limiting the damage? Has anyone been? Can anyone advise us on good food choices?

    He doesn't really want to go away for 3 weeks and end up putting on weigh only to have to work his @ss off to get it back off again as well as the bit he has to lose now.
    Should he work up the plans a couple of weeks before?

    Toooooooo many questions!!!:(
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  3. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!


    Anyone?? We're getting married in 5 mths time and would like for him (and me!) to be at goal by then. Advice needed.
  4. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    I'm assuming it's something he can't get out of?!

    If he can eat low carb over there then great - he'll stay inketosis and shouldn't have any problems. If not, it would probably be sensible for him to work up the steps, just during the couple of weeks before going, then get straight back into the diet when he arrives back home.

    I suppose the choices he'll have will depend on the type of trip it is. Is it a nice hotel? Are his meals provided, will it be 'business lunches', etc, etc. The more control he has over ghis meals, the more likely he'd be able to stick with low carb.

    I bet you're going to miss him!! I'd refuse to let my OH go away for 3 weeks! :p

    Jo x
  5. fiojam

    fiojam Focused & goin for goal!


    No, he cant get out of it :( He in on 1000cals so isnt in ketosis.
    He will be doing business lunches so dont know what he is in for.
    Part of the peoblem is that he hasnt been to india before and we know there will obviously be curries but what else would there be??!?!?! What is a typical breakfast / lunch in india? We have NO idea!!

    I'm gonna miss him like mad. Have already refused and stamped my feet but there is nothing he can do :cry:
  6. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    Hi Fiojam

    Sounds like a great opportunity for you other half to go to India. If I was him I would take all the CD packs I need with me and the yellow book. I'm sure he can make good choices with the hotel food. Hotels are usually very willing to accomodate special dietary needs. I'm sure the hotel he stays in will cater for Western diets quite easily too.

    It will be good for him to be responsible for his own diet for a few weeks as I know men will very willingly allow us to sort it all out for them if we will.

    Hope it all goes well.

    Dizzy x
  7. lipotrimmer

    lipotrimmer Full Member


    I am an Indian. So I can definitely say that packing the CD packs is the best thing to do. In nice hotels and restaurants you get lots of english food. But its difficult to get grilled food. Most of the food are fried and lots of carbs. (Reason for my weight :)) Though you get lots of variety of vegetarian food, you really do not know the ingredients in it. For eg., the chicken curry would have cashew nut ground and added to make the gravy tasteful (Yummy though)

    So best thing is to stick to his CD diet packs
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