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Our Non Scale Victories


Shoot to thrill
I saw there was a NSV thread in the Slimming World forum but I thought it might be good to have one for all of us.

A NSV is something that isn't to do with the numbers on a scale. We all know these aren't always accurate due to muscle gain/water retention etc.

I've had a few.
I got talking to my boss about weight loss and what I was eating and he said 'it's working'. It's nice for someone to notice.

I also went to see the nurse today to talk about the pill I'm on and to see if she had any weight loss advice. I've seen her before and she remembered me. I told her I'd lost a bit of weight and she asked me to get on the scale.

She said: "Do you want to hop on the scales, you look great!" She was impressed with the 4.5kg loss!

I bought a size 18 dress the other day for a wedding. I fear it might be a bit big. I'm going dress shopping on Saturday to see if I can find something equally as sexy without a baggy waist!

Also, when my boyfriend and I were out with friends. He looked at me, smiled, put his hands on my hips and said 'you're looking so thin!' He's wonderfully (dreadfully) honest about my weight and wouldn't say something like that unless it really was noticeable.

Another victory was avoiding all the crisps and carbalicious foods the boys were eating that day too. Oh, and the beer!
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Good idea for a thread in this the general board.

I had 2 NSV's recently. First was that I managed to zip up a jacket that I bought a couple of years ago. I bought it then unable to do it up thinking I'd get into it soon. 2 years later I did, better late than never!
My other and best NSV is being able to wear my wedding ring again. Keep staring at it on my finger like a newlywed all over again!
i went through all my pre-pregnancy clothes and about half of them fit! i could even get my old jeans on (was a bit of a squeeze for them, will have to wait a few weeks to be able to wear them properly) I'm really pleased.
Congratulations everyone! It's always great to fit into something better or smaller:) Keep up the great work everyone! This thread is a great idea. The scale isn't the only important thing we should be celebrating.

I lost half on inch each on my waist, stomach, hips and bum from last week. Today I was able to do 61 minutes of yoga, it's a huge milestone for me :)


Les Mills Fitness Freak
an old pair of summer pants i had used to be too tight on, couldnt even fasten the buttons on them. now i have to wear a belt with them, if i dont they will fall right down :)

for once im getting compliments on my figure rather then guys checking out the boobs. when i was bigger they were rather big, and it was all people took notice of, now they look at my face when they talk to me, not looking down. feels better i must say.

when clothes shopping i picked up a dress, size 8, tried it on and it was baggy, trying on a 6 it was still baggy around the top half. had to ask for a 4.
Congratulations Gina! That's really great that you halved your dress size :) You've worked hard to get there, I'm proud of you!


Les Mills Fitness Freak
my old dress size was a 12! ive got a favourite corset in a 12 that i used to wear, im sad to not wear it now as it cost me alot, but happy becuase i feel healthier for it.

i still keep the corset. i dont want to fit it again, its just too pretty to give away :p
That's great that you lost 2/3 of your original dress size. Really amazing! Congratulations! Those workouts you go to are really paying off :)
Great job Tracey, swimming for an hour is no easy thing. Keep up the good work!

You guys are so inspiring! It makes me want to try harder :)


Les Mills Fitness Freak
if only i wasnt so scared of water, id like to try swimming, i was made to swim in primary school and it was horrible, it wasnt being in the water that scared me, it was the thought of drowning. couldnt even put my head under the water it was that bad.

i was the only one to leave primary school havimg had swimming lessons not being able to swim :p still cant even go near the pool
had a very bad expierence as a kid, was on holiday, decided to use one of them lilo things in the sea but it floated out to a bit deeper than me, big wave came and knocked me off it, somehow got back to the surface and got to the beach, crying my eyes out. been terrified of it since!
Most of mine revolve around clothes... the best one was the dress I bought for the christening I went to at the weekend. I'd bought it a while back, when I'd lost a little bit of weight but not much. And now it's a little bit big, fortunately a better bra and cardigan you tie up solved that. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and actually thought I looked pretty good for once in my life :D

Another massive one is now being able to fit in some Primark clothes again!

My friend's boyfriend noticing my loss after not seeing him since I'd started is something else that made my day.
Congratulations dreamings!


Shoot to thrill
I wore jeans and a t-shirt (admittedly not the most flattering of clothes on me) to a day out with my boyfriend's family to play mini (pirate!) golf and go on the log flume at Great Yarmouth.

We went out for a meal in the evening and I was all dressed up looking awesome in my (pirate!) wiggle dress. Firstly Ben's sister said 'you looked really good today'. We are friends but I've never heard her dish out compliments unless she means it. Her boyfriend agreed. They were talking about my frumpy jean-clad state.

Then Ben's aunt said I looked amazing and we talked about my wiggle dress for a while.

I don't know if they were noticing the weight loss or I just looked particularly good but either way it made me feel amazing"
I love this topic its so motivational.

I walked into work last week and was called over to reception. A receptionist thats been on maternity leave for ages said she'd been watching me come in and out for a few days and had called me over to check it was the same person!

And she even asked me for weight loss tips. Yay!
I bought a lovely pair of size 16 trousers from Debenhams that wouldn't fasten or even go near. I tried them on the other day and I managed to fasten them :D. Frustrating that it has taken 2.5stone to lose one dress size but it's progress in the right direction :D.
Really cool CatherineBee! It's always flattering when people notice the weightloss, even better when they ask for tips :)

Congratulations Happypear on fitting into the jeans! It's always a huge milestone to get into a smaller one.


Shoot to thrill
This morning boss1 asked if I'd lost weight and just now boss2 told me I was shrinking away! Proper brightened my day and I'm definitely going for a run tonight!
I have bought my first size 18 top in sooo long, it is actually abit big but a 16 would of probably been slightly tight. I actually took the size 20/22 to the changing room and was far to big.

Also have managed to go outdoors with just a t-shirt on and walk through town, I always had to wear a coat or cardigan even in really warm weather, now I feel more comfortable in just a t-shirt.

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