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  1. BridetoBe1980

    BridetoBe1980 Member

    Hi Ladies!
    Just wanted to share something with you that happened the other night, I woke up to my OH wrapping his arms around me mid sleep and commenting 'why are you not answering your phone?'. He then rolled over and fell back to his slumber. In the morning he seemed a bit on edge so I asked him if all was okay, his reply......'I had the strangest dream, you were cheating on me, you had gone out with the girls and didn't answer your phone, it was when you had got really slim before our wedding'

    As some of you know and by my forum name we are getting married in August, so far I have lost 21lbs so yes you can see a difference. Obviously our OH's have there insecurities about us losing weight which only now I realize. My OH is 6ft 2 rugby player, lads lad but treats me like a princess very shocked by his 'dream'

    Any one else had anything similar? Really makes you think:candledinner:
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  3. Tyntyn

    Tyntyn Member

    Going on the diet actually ended my relationship :-(

    He wasn't prepared to have me lose weight (let alone 9stone) and was very much against me slimming down, even went as far as tried to force me to eat food, it was at that point I knew it was enough. I told him if he didn't want me for who I am, not what I looked like, then he wasn't the man I thought he was.

    Doing this diet single does seem easier :)

    Just reassure him that it's you who loves him, not your weight.
  4. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member

    Doing the diet is easier when you are single for sure.

    I met my husband slim and put on some weight very quickly from death in family and then a miscarriage and am now 4 stone heavier. I am back on cwp for the 20th time and I know I can do it but you know when you have a moment when you want to eat and usually don't well with husband he encourages and hates cwp and pushes me to ww. This went in for a year but now he knows how unhappy I am and even if he gates it he supports me and makes the shakes.

    It must be hard for him as he enjoys found and meals together lol.

    but he knows a slim me is a happy me and that's the most important thing
  5. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    I guess I'm really lucky my other half is supportive, he loved me when we met when I was 16st 3 years ago and loved me just as much when I got close to target last year at 10st and currently at 11, but we have a long distance relationship, I'll never forget his face when I saw him after 3 months on plan, and then again 6 weeks later, I guess he has the benefit of seeing the dramatic changes i has made in both my looks and my happiness, so of course he encourages it, he once reprimanded me thinking my cwp bar was chocolate, although bless him he does "forget" and tries to feed me sweets sometimes.

  6. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    I've had this, the last time I was on CWP My OH was very nervous, I lost 5 stone, I found a confidence I never knew I had and I was constantly going out with friends all dolled up in pretty clothes because I'd always been the one in the tent covered up and trying to blend in, so when I came running out of my shell he got very nervous, He's not the outgoing type, he prefers to stay home and play video games, which is fine, but he did get very insecure, I just reassured him and whenever I did go out I'd make sure to text him every now and again, not because he'd asked me to, I just didn't want him to think he had anything to worry about, but mostly he was just happy to see me so happy, Now I'm back 2 yrs later having gained it all back and he's very supportive this time, I think it's just a fear of the unknown xx

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