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:D This has been prompted by my recent convo with summergurl! Thought we could share our recipes and introduce each other to one's we've not tried before? ;)
I'll start the ball rolling, here's a morning fruit loaf recipe: :drool: think it makes around 12 slices. Sorry if something similar has been done before, but couldn't find anything xx

You'll need:
50g Allbran cereal
300ml skimmed milk
225g wholemeal self-raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
90g sultanas
50g dried apricots (diced)
50g pitted prunes (diced)
75g dark muscavado sugar
4 tablespoons of floral honey


put bran cereal in a bowl, pour over the milk and soak for 30 mins
preheat oven to 180 or Gas 4
sift flour and baking powder into a bowl and stir in bran cereal misture, together with any bran left in the sieve. Stir in dried fruit, sugar and honey - mix well.
spoon mixture into a non-stick 900g loaf tin (bursh tin with oil to prevent sticking) and level the top. bake for 1hr - 1.15mins or until loaf cooked and golden brown on top.
Allow loaf to cool a little in the tin before turning it out onto a wire rack to cool completely. The loaf will store for several weeks.

NOTE: I couldn'd find S/R wholemeal flour so put a tsp of yeast in it. Also, I substituted the prunes/apricots for dried apple and some more sultanas. This was a very yummy alternative to the original recipe. Yum Yum! 170 cal per slice, less than 1g fat, zero saturated, 4g's protein and 38g carbs, Low GI rating

Enjoy x
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My usual steweytype morroccanny thing would go along these lines ...

Chop an onion & fry in a little frylight, add meat of choice, I most often use either turkey mince, diced turkey thigh or chicken cut into bite sized pieces, fry that till coloured and pour off the excess liquid.
Add either a tin of chopped toms or a carton of passata, plain or with garlic/garlic & herbs, whatever you like. The morroccan influence comes mainly from the spices. There are a variety you can pick up now, shwartz and Tesco do various ones. Ras el Hanout is a mixture and what I use most. (You're actually supposed to rub this into the meat and leave before cooking - I've never done this, I just add it to the pan) Again shwartz do one but there is another which I prefer and when i've finished this I'll see if I can google it and get the name or a pic for you. (I'm in work & can't risk the precarious connection messing about!)
Anyhoo ... throw a good shake of this into the pan. I usually add mushrooms and depending on what you like you can add things to make it even more moroccanny like apricots, dates, figs, whatever. I don't usually add them all so that the dish isn't the same. You can add nuts, seeds and lately I've taken to adding various kinds of beans. I've had it with Mexican mixed beans and butter beans up to now. SO basically just ring the changes and try different things. It's lovely with lamb too, you can make it with any meat. If you read the tins on spices they recommend which meat (or fish actually) to use them with - but I've found it doesn't really matter - use what you like.

I leave this simmering for about half an hour - if it was red meat it'd probably take a bit longer. We'd usually have it with cous cous.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing but Im not a 'here's a list of ingredients and here's the method person' ;) xx
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These are the ones I've tried - I prefer the top one. x



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I aint got a recipe to post at the minute :( In the week im just a salad/veg and meat gal. Weekends i tend to make different things, but its all easy things.

Jan could ya do your one pot thing in the slow cooker? Just fry the onions first? I think ive done this before but didnt have onions and just bunged it all in with chicken, chickpeas & apricots left it over night, or day shall i say whilst i slept and wella!

Now, I could post my cake and biccie recipies - i have tonnes of them :giggle:


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Ive never seen them before Jan and i always goose in the spice section. Is that where they are? Will have to look harder next time! lol x


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Don't see why not Tan! If you had time to fry off the meat with the onions so you can get rid of the fat first that'd be good!

Yeah the Tesco/shwartz ones in our tescos or above all the other spices on the top shelf for some reason - maybe because they're in tins and some of them are round. The Al fez one I first got in an international supermarket but they have had it in our tesco but not with all the other spices. It was on the foods of the world type shelves. The didn't have it last time I looked but they did have other Al fez stuff, harissa paste and such like.

When I googled for a pic I saw there are loads of other makes anyway - I'm sure you'll find one somewhere. xx
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I'm a throw it all together kind of person normally, but I follow the loaf recipe from a book so I had the luxury of speed typing it out from the book lol. That sounds yum Jan, I shall defo try it. xx

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