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Hi guys,

Is it possible to overeat?
I am a VERY big eater, i like to eat till i am full up,not 70% full,but 100%.
I have just made SW potato wedges, and i used 4 baked potaoes!!
I have ate them ALL!! I had it will a frylight egg and half a tin of beans.
I actually ate 4 large potatoes!!!:cry:
When i read any sw mags, and i look at their menu's, it usually all "normal" portions....oh no....can i do this?
Please someone tell me, your'e the same.

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That's okay - when you're hungry you're hungry!


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As long as you are eating the right stuff, you can eat as much as want... just fill up with as much free and speed foods as you can.. and drink lots of water. You won't feel so hungry all the time.
Good luck!
I can quite happily eat two baked potatoes with a full tin of beans and then have fruit and yoghurt afterwards. As long as the foods are free foods then you should be fine. The idea of slimming world is to never be hungry.
You are not alone...... I too confess I have a big appetite... my first week ever of SW I ate purposely to disprove the statement "Eat as much as you like" - honestly I felt fuller everyday that week than I ever did not dieting or even at Xmas..guess what....... I went in expecting to have gained and I'D LOST 9 lbs !!!!!!!!!! In one week !!!
I too though if having wedges etc fill the baking tray just for myself - LOL...... gotta be better for us than bingeing on non-free stuff!

I say..........................ENJOY!!!!!!

Hey guys,
Thanks for all your replies, makes me feel a wee bit better. The problem was that i wasn't hungry, i ate it all cause it was there! I sort of made myself finish it,cause i didn't want to throw it out, no-one else wanted it.
anyways, gonna try and fill up on fruit, before my meals.
Thanks again
Hey guys,
Thanks for all your replies, makes me feel a wee bit better. The problem was that i wasn't hungry, i ate it all cause it was there! I sort of made myself finish it,cause i didn't want to throw it out, no-one else wanted it.
anyways, gonna try and fill up on fruit, before my meals.
Thanks again
I used to do that but three months in I am eating like a totally different person! If I am full I will leave the rest, and if I am not hungry I won't eat - two simple normal eating habits but I used to do the opposite! Eating for boredom and every other emotion I felt at any given time and always finishing everything (including my boyfriends often) even though I was full ... now I have to give my food to my boyfriend to finish!

Once you have been on SW for a while your body will adjust and your eating habits will change anyway - its a full lifestyle change I think plus you get into the mindset that if you're hungry - you can eat, guilt free and that really helps overcome any eating demons.


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Dude, you're posting in front of someone who's lost 8 and a half stone and can STILL eat a whole deskinned rotisserie chicken in one sitting if the mood takes me. And yes I still lose weight on weeks when I do that.
You just said you was not hungry just ate it cause it was there. Well what about putting half in the fridge for another day or not cooking as much. I used to clean my plate because that was what was drummed into us when little so didn't like to waste food but now I have learned to recognise when I am comfortably full and either bin it or if I can save it for next day. I currently have a fish pie I made from new ee cookbook and tonight hubby had wee bit and son and I had portion but still got a small one un-touched in fridge and enough left from this one to do me for lunch tomoro and the kids can have the small one for tea. Before we would have ate the lot because it was there. I also drink water first as sometimes the body thinks its hungry when all you need is a drink
Hey guys,
You are all brilliant!
I was going to go down for 2 slices of white toast, but i sat here and read all the tips and tricks from this site and also the site someone posted for facebook, lots of before and after pics......i can't wait till its meeee!
I look at the portion pictures in the SW mag, cookbook and some food pics on here, and think OMG, is that all!! I eat way more. In fact - sometimes OH and I can eat a meal for 4 between 2 of us with a lunch portion only left over.
It all depends but I'm a devil for still clearing my plate. The other thing I do (which I maybe shouldn't) is leave the casserole pot on the table and keep taking another spoonful....
As the others have said Hun...as long as the food is counted or free, then you will be fine so panic over!

This was the reason why I had a gastric band last year. I dont think there is anyone who loves their food as much as me....I could never get enough (even when doing SW, 3 whole chickens- skin removed was the norm!). Im not suggesting a band...far from it, but now, I have had to re-educate my portion sizes, even with still doing the SW plan.
A lot of the time I think...would I be served this size in a resturant? Would my OH/ Family eat a plate this big?
It will click and before you know it, you will be at target!!


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Big apetites

Hubby and I have big apetites and we've managed to shift 10st between us - we still have full plates, but probably much more veg on the plate nowadays! :candledinner:

When friends or family come to dinner they often nudge each other and whisper "I thought they were on a diet" or something similar - we have to remind them that we are eating healthy food and most of what is on our plate is absolutely "syn free on SW plans" - with exception of maybe a few syns for the gravy or sauce or whatever - I'm sure they don't actually believe us, but they've all seen the difference in our body sizes! :D

;):angel09:Good luck'n'stuff to you!
I think there is such a thing as over eating, yes sw does recognise that you should be able to eat as much as you want but if you are eating for the sake of it your weight loss may be slower.

right now (acutally as i type this) im reading a book called 'eating less, say goodbye to overeating' by gillian riley which was recommended by a member on here. its a bookabout food adiction, something that we probably all suffer from to a degree and although im not far into it is really helping me understand about my own eating habits.

if you feel you need that much or want that much to fill you go for it

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