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Hi all,

I'm new to Dukan having tried everything from slimming world to atkins.

I'm on the second day of attack and i feel ROUGH :raincloud:

I feel so sick, i ache all over and my head feels like it's splitting in two - is this normal??? Never experienced anything like this on atkins so not sure if i'm just coming down with a bug?

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Goat herder(ess)
Hi, Jonsgirl. Nice to meet you!

Quite a few of us experience the horrible headache for a few days during Attack. It can make you feel pretty rough. I'm not sure about all of those other symptoms, though. Maybe you are coming down with a virus after all?

Do you have a sore throat or diarrhoea and vomiting?

Sorry to hear that you're having a bad time with it.
Sorry to hear you are experiencing this, poor you...
Hopefully it's not a bug! The "normal" reasons might be getting carb withdrawal symptoms, which might continue until you settle into ketosis; often this happens when you are dehydrated, so keep an eye on your water intake and go easy on salty and fizzy stuff till you feel better. If you like herbal teas, Pukka's range are just great - P. cleanse, P. detox, P. 3 peppermint, P. 3 ginger, all taste OK and seem to make drinking water easier.
Get better soon! :flowers:
(and don't eat the flowers until you get to Cruise...)
Maybe you are coming down with a virus after all?

Do you have a sore throat or diarrhoea and vomiting?
hi dukandebut,

no, nothing like that, just feel rough and achy
yep sounds normal to me i always take a few parcetamol and loads of water


** Chief WITCH **
sounds like the 'flu... (could be Dukan 'flu, mind!). Take care and hope things improve pronto!
woop woop feel much better today

Still headachy but sickness etc has gone. Drinking 3 pints of water per day - is that enough?

Thanks for all your replies girls.
Let's hope so

Thank you
Hi Jonsgirl, Glad you feel better today. How long is it since you stopped Atkins and did you lose any weight. I'm just aout to switch over and haven't lost anything a t all on Atkins !!!

I stopped atkins in july (then went onto slimming world)

I did atkins for 3 months and lost 23 pounds.

I only stopped doing it because i felt sick with the amount of fat i was consuming.


** Chief WITCH **
Be sure to post menus on the menu thread to be checked...

Good luck!
ok i think,

Feel much better a bit achy again today but think that's because i'm doing exercise which i'm totally not used to.

Glad my attack phase is over on saturday - it will have been a very long six days by the time i finish


** Chief WITCH **
Six days is a long time on attack. Why not move tomorrow, Saturday, into Cruise and enjoy some vegetables and salad this weekend. (Your intestines will thank you!)

Five days is plenty!
Have you weighed yourself yet Jonsgirl? I know it's early days but dukan says to weiagh yourself several times a day in the book. Like I don't do that already lol

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