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Padbear’s 2020 exante adventure


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Hi all!
Here goes!

Like many people I’ve decided to have a good push on shakes to lose weight with a target of 40lb to lose after Christmas and the party season. I did this back some years ago and at he time lost 38lb over 10 weeks from a start of 16st6lb to 13st10lb This time starting lower at 14st12lb aiming for 12lb by my birthday in March.

That would get me well clear of the 30bmi mark, and I’m hoping would help to bring down my blood pressure which as a tendency to be high.

I often juice fast so have decided to start with a one week fast (just finished as I post) and then switch straight to exante from today.

12 lb in a week of juice fasting may be the highest I’ve done although immediately after Christmas there would have been extra water weight I’m sure.

still a long time (since 2011 or 2012 I think) since I’ve committed to a 10 week fast so excited and nervous! To get to 12 stone would make me a lot happier with myself so have decided to come back and post on minimins as it was a great help all those years ago.

I’ll aim to post updates as I go, and hoping in a few days to say the transition to shakes has been successful!😀

best to all other new starters!
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Hi padbear, I look forward to following your progress - good luck 😉

thanks CL - I see you saturated at the same time and have a similar goal so am following you also. Congrats on your first week (over the temptations of NYE!) and here’s hoping we do well for the new week! Been on the shakes today and feeling early full which is a nice surprise!


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Hi all! (Or few 🤣)
End of week two and the first week on protein shakes. Change of diet this week from the juices to the protein shakes so body had to adjust to that.

3lb loss this week which pretty relieved with (I weighed self after three days and was the same so not doing that again lol!)
This week I had no juices and only protein. As I had come from a juice detox and due to something else I’m doing (following a shamamic dieta for a week) I couldn’t have artificial sweeteners so I found a protein shake by nuzest that is pretty pure and sweetened with a protein) so have been having that, normally two boiled eggs, and then towards end of week had a couple of bars, and naughtily on Wednesday some cheese (after checking calories not planning on that again in a hurry).

1st day was only 400 calories as two scoops of nuzest is only 90cal (smaller portion - hadn’t realised) but over the week I probably averaged 700-800 cals.

I was also off coffee for the detox and then the dieta but had a black Americano Thursday and after 12 days was great!

so going into 3rd week with a mix of eggs, nuzest, exante, bars and maybe some chicken but keeping protein andvery low carb to keep ketosis.

energy had been at normal low, but from Thursday it really picked up so been to gym etc and now seem to have bags of energy for past three days - feels so good

appetite still really not there, having 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 litres of liquid I would say and between that and the shakes not going hungry.

was exercising a bit anyway but started running and weights at the gym (just one day so far) but keen to do that to use the protein to help build muscles a bit to help keep my metabolism going.

all in all pretty pleased with week two - onto week three 😀


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Just a brief update. I’ve been recording my weekly weight loss in my signature. Now up to week six. It’s been a challenging week as I was abroad for work and have then been away from home due to a family issue. I haven’t been so strict this week but still surprised to see a good weight loss despite cracking the 1000 calories a few times. I’ve stayed fairly good over the past few weeks, mainly having eggs, shakes and one bar. Had a few glasses of red wine and occasionally milk In my coffee, no lattes though, so not overly hungry which helps!

I seem to have settled into around 2.5kb a week, less than I though originally but I’m quite happy with as keeping calories realistically a little higher and the weight loss is still close to target. Looking as I write this after 10weeks I would be about 4lb away from my 12 stone target, so likely to do one extra week, and then start to normalise as I’ve a ski-img holiday at the end of March and best will in the world that will be eating quite a bit (burning off though of course!)

So still here steadily keeping to plan 😀 So quiet on this forum now but I hope others are getting off to a good start too and finding January/ February to be a good time for this.


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Thanks Sam!
I’ve had a tougher time over the last few weeks, as happens to us sometimes. Was trying to get back on track this week but still struggling but at least a loss! Am largely sticking to protein, but have probably been more 1200 calories per day than 800 and that’s showing. Planning on extending by one week to 11 in total and seeing if can get down a bit more.

still in the meantime down 2 stone to my lowest weight in probably 12 years or so, so it’s been pretty good!

I must say more respect for people who maintain this for many months!