Pain in legs, nervous system maybe!


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I have posted several times recently about a pain I get in my legs.

Last summer on LT Part I I used to get a burning pain at night in bed on the top of my right thigh. As I had just had surgery I didn't worry. It went away when I started eating again.
But now on LT Part II the pain has returned. It wakes me up at night, is in my right leg only and covers an area the size of my hand. Also on and off throughout the day I get a "swimming" leg sensation lower down on the middle part of my thigh.

Looking into it I have read about meralgia paresthetica which is a problem regarding nerves in the leg. They say weightloss can help, but it's weightloss causing the problems.

Also the last two days I have felt like I have a trapped nerve in my left arm.

Does anyone else have something similar?

Lipotrim couldn't tell me anything so will speak to the pharmacist tomorrow but I bet they don't know and tell me to go to the doctor.
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gosh that doesnt sound nice. I couldnt help you there sorry. I think the best thing for you to do is to go to doctors. Ive been on LT for a while and I feel fantastic. I havent had any problems related to LT. hope someone comes along with better advice for you xx


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I would go to the doctor anyway if it persists.. especially if you are on the pill or a smoker.. good luck and let us know how you get on xxx


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Hmmm by what I have read that ya recently had an operation last year and the pain started soon afterwards as I am not sure where ya had the operation but i can say pain that high up normally stems from having back and hernia surgery or other abdominal surgeries as well. If the pain is burning, stabbing or needle like pain this is normal after having these type of operations and sometimes moves slowly down the leg just above the knee, it sounds like an aggrevated nerve call the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. You can get steriod injections but these can be sometimes be more painful than the actual pain itself but well worth it. As with every operation ya have more than 50% chance of having arthritis so its best to keep exercising at all times whether it be walking or generally swimming is very good for moving all the muscles in the body. Best to consult your doctor though and ask to be sent for a scan, hope it improves along the way, take care


On a mission
S: 17st3lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 4st7lb(26.14%)
thanks for your advice. I had my gall bladder out through key hole in June. But the pain went away after I came off lt - was off over 4 months so it's weird it's only come back since starting back on lt two weeks ago