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Painful feet - burning arches


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I have 'suspected' plantar fasciitis (I say suspected as the pain isn't in the typical spot and the doctor made the judgement based on my lifestyle and descripton lol).

Basically, whenever I am working out I get pain in my feet, along the arch (it feels like it's being pulled apart and it is often 'hot' pain).

I was 'diagnosed' when living in the USA (one of the reasons I didn't push for tests as I was in about something else and my medical bill was already large lol).

Anyway, I get the pain when doing any exercise but also often get cramp in my feet and back of calves at night. But I do NOT get pain in the heel, which is the usual spot.

I don't have flat feet, fallen arches or overly arched feet, but the doctor said it was likely because I did gymnastics when I was younger.

Anyway, I've been doing some reading and apparently it can be made worse when you have a rapid weight gain too (my weight gain was AFTER I saw the doctor but asking incase anyone else suffers this). I didn't notice it at the time, but looking back, it hurt most when I was starting my weight loss and was first working out after a year of doing nothing - I just put it down to being totally out of shape lol.

I don't get pain when just walking after a rest period like some people do, but it does mean I have to take breaks during working out (especially when I'm getting back into it after a break) and it drives me nuts.

I've tried insoles - all types - and have more trainers than a sports shop trying to find a pair that help ease the pain. The ones I DID find are no longer made - grrr!

I'm getting back to my working out regime and expecting it to be painful at the start - does anyone have any tips? I try to limit the step aerobics already as that's always the worse thing. I'm going to book an apointment at a foot specialists too - but going to have to wait until we have the cash lol.

Thanks in advance xxx
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I don't know if its the same thing, but I sometimes get a pain in my heels such that it was extremely painful to walk first thing in the morning or if I had been sitting around for a while. I found stretching my foot forward (to stretch the heel muscle) helped a little, and that rolling a cold can of coke under your foot may help.

Don't know if that is any assistance to you in the short term?


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power plate dude, find a gym with power plate, you don't have to move, let the machine do the work for you.

I had them in my old Corpy gym in Birmingham, they are fricken great! I went down a dress size without even losing weight when i first started them!


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Have you been to a podiatrist to have your insoles made for you? Your GP should be able to refer you on the NHS. Are you hypermobile? ie put together with long ligaments so you overstretch your joints?
I had plantar fascitis for a while. It was like Lizie2008's description. When I got up in the morning I could barely hobble to the bathroom!

Losing three stone has improved it no end. Also, I found for a while that Crocs were the most comfortable thing to wear.
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My Mum has plantar fasciitis and your symptoms sound very similar. her GP sent her for a physio referral where she was diagnosed and told to wear shoes with a decent amount of support. And was also given some 'medical' insoles which were very uncomfortable at first, but really did help. She very rarely gets symptoms any more :)
So it's well worth nagging your Dr and seeing what he/she can do for you.xx
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I know you say you have tried all insoles ect. have you tried the scholl ones? also if there is a scholl shop in your area they have trained podiatrists and they can measure and fit arch supports and give advice on walking and shoes, the other thing you could try is light support tights ( they are not just in granny colours now) as you are not describing classic plantar facitis symptoms, you may just need a little support for your legs, if you are getting pain when excersing you could try an embrocation balm (rugby players use wintergreen) this promotes blood supply to the area, the pain is often caused by blood vessels constricting so the muscle goes into spasm, also ( last one) make sure you warm up and stretch well, this will help with your flexibility, hope this may help

I've suffered with Plantar Fasciitis for 3 years or so, the pain is much worse in the morning when your calfs have relaxed and shortened, another symptom I had was the feeling of someone sticking red hot pokers in my heels (nice!). My physio recommended stretches 3 times a day - I found the best one to stretch the calf muscle would be to stand on my stairs backwards with my heels overhanging and gently push the heels down, this really stretches the area and feels great! Footwear wise I lived in trainers for 2 years until I found this shoe from Clarks .. Un Loop-W Casual Clks Shoes-Clarks , they are without doubt the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn and I now live in them. I tried Crocs but they seemed to cause even more pain as they didn't offer the support around the foot. Also rolling your foot over a cold can of pop helps relieve the pain.

I hope you don't suffer for too long unfortunately it can linger if you don't treat it early enough ...ice & stretch!

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