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Painful legs?


On a mission
When I did LT I used to get pains in my legs at night. As soon as I get up they go.

I also used to get meralgia parasthetica in my right thigh (self-diagnosed) which can be excruciating.

I'm on day 12 and last night the pains reappeared. I don't want this for the next few months.

Does anyone else get pains in their legs? Any advise as to what to do as I am knackered. I need my sleep as I have a 6 month old to contend with in the day.

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Have a look this Cramps in the Leg | Health | Patient UK - might give you some ideas. But alsocheck in with your GP; self diagnosis is not always the most sensible thing as you don't know the big picture so to speak.

Good luck



On a mission
Thanks goreygirl. it's not actually a cramp, more like someone lighting a fire down the nerve at the top of my thigh. It doesn't last long but always happens with rapid weight loss. I am not sure what the doctor can do, but I will be going in a few weeks about it if it's still happening
That suggests some sort of neurological involvement like you could be pinching a nerve somewhere and it may be that the posture you adopt when you sleep is aggravating it. A GP will (hopefully) do a full work up/assessment and may refer you for further investigations (physio, MRI, x-ray) to help identify a root cause and then help you get it sorted. Pain is the bodies way of saying that something is not working properly; anything that lasts more than a few days/recurs should be investigated further :)


On a mission
Thanks, will be making sure they find out what's wrong
Good! And don't be afraid to push for investigations... don't let them fob you off with a weeks worth of painkillers... tell them exactly how long it's been going on, what makes it worse, what makes it better etc. The more prepared you are going in with information like that the more you'll get out of the appointment. In the mean time some painkillers before bed could help with sleep?

Take care

I had this too, they say its very common with rapid weight loss, mine only lasted a few weeks, hope yours gets better soon :)
Just found this on the site hope it helps maybe ask you cdc

Cramp which occurs in some people while dieting, is almost certainly caused by changes in electrolyte (salts) levels in blood and muscle. It may be relieved by ensuring that you drink the right amount of water or by raising your dietary energy intake level for a day or two (go up a step). The diet contains the correct amount of salt (sodium chloride) but some people may need a little more, so take ‘a pinch of salt’ (or two) each day (one pinch is approximately 250mg). If the cramp persists or if you’ve had cramps before see your doctor.

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