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Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by TrueBlueAngel, 18 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. TrueBlueAngel

    TrueBlueAngel I WILL be thin!!

    I've been doing SnS on and off for a while and I've never done it right. I've always done three packets and nothing else and its worked for me. I've restarted after Xmas with about a stone to lose to be at target and decided to follow it properly doing the low protein and veg meals. I always log everything into myfitnesspal. For some reason today I've gone onto the SnS website, noticed you can do the weight tracking there so put all my details in. But when I put in what plan I do, it tells me that 3 packets plus a meal is 650 calories! Some days I'm not achieving that, I go over by 100 cals. Granted olives are my downfall but they're soooooo high in calories so why allow them when you can't fit much else in!? Needless to say, I'm now dreading tomorrow's weigh in :(
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    The definition of a vlcd is under 800kcals so youre still under that. Youre still going to lose weight
  4. TrueBlueAngel

    TrueBlueAngel I WILL be thin!!

    Oh I'm definitely under that, more the 700s. I will see the result when I weigh in tomorrow. Thank you :)
  5. TrueBlueAngel

    TrueBlueAngel I WILL be thin!!

    Well, all I lost was a pound....really disappointed. :(
  6. fattifi

    fattifi Full Member

    It's the olives! The point of the tracker is so you can maximise what you have but to keep you in the cals and carbs that they set. I often go over by about 50cals but stay under carbs by quite a bit. Are you drinking enough? Have you tried 4 packs a day?

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