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Okay in a bid to make myself even more miserable I started floating around the internet doing some more research on Lipotrim and I came across a review. Basically she said that her and her husband and sister where on it last year for 2 months and that yes they lost all the weight but they all put it back on again - her sister even became a serial lipotrimmer. She said all it is good for is crash dieting before a wedding or occasion.

So is there anybody floating around that done the diet and has maintained for over 6 months???
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Nope but ive done 6 weeks hun and even lost some!! You will def put it all back on again if you dont change your eating habits totally! I know somebody too who put it all on straight away! How anybody can think they can have drastic weight loss then go back to eating as before and not gain weight is beyond me lol xx


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The problem with some people is they do the diet and think its a magic cure for never gaining weight again and its not. My pharmasist said that a fat person is a fat person for life and although you may rent a slim body for a while, if you go back to how you ate before you will pile it all on and more. There are lots of guys who have maintained on this diet. I did it originally last Sept. I lost two stone then came off it to go on my all inclusive holiday to the Dom Rep....I ATE AND DRANK EVERYTHING, but I did aqua aerobics and swam every day....I didn't gain a lb. I came off the diet for maybe 4 and a half months and maintained no problem. I've gone on CD to lose the last stone. Don't worry about what you have read. As long as you realise you have to go to healthy eating after you get to goal then its no different from any other diet....except you lose the weight a lot quicker.


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i agree,,i'm not planning on doing this forever and i'm doing it to give me a quick boost,,so i can get the confidence back to start exercising again,,which i have done as of yesterday,,i joined aqua aerobics,,yey me,,i hope this is the start for me
o.k.well i did lighter life 2 years ago and lost 2stone 10lb i started lipo two weeks ago and from my weight when i finished lighter life i had only put on 6lb in two years you have to train yourself what to eat and you cant go back to how you used to eat or your be back to square one! your be fine!!!!!
Thats what worried me - she also said in the reveiw that her husband followed the maintanence plan perfectly and still put on the weight.

Im so worried now that I wont be able to cope after LT. Everyday I plan what im going to eat when I come off it and my main downfall is probably carbs and portion size.

It would kill me to put back on all my weight.


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There is no need to put all the weight back on! xxx


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I'm afraid like most of us, you and me are never going to be able to eat the way we used to....thats what got us here in the first place. I'm going to follow the 80/20 system. All week, I'll diet then at weekend I will allow myself to have treats.....if not then I'll feel deprived and may return to old habits. You have to work out a system that works for you. Tracy seems to find that low fat is working for her and she is still losing, I personally prefer low carb as I know they are my trigger foods and will set me off eating. Dont worry about it now hun. Just get to goal and then devise a sensible eating plan that works for you.
Thanks guys - Im think im worried because even now there is tempations all around me - we are living in my dads at the moment until we get our house. And my dad, my brother and my OH live on junk food - there is about 3 massive bags of multicrisps - the freezer is full of ice cream - ya know all the knew cadbury ones - the last time I counted there was 7 big packets of biscuits. The fridge is full of nothing but processed foods. I find it easy now to bypass all of this stuff but of coarse im worried that once i start eating that all this tempation is around to make me fat again.

My OH is so supportive - yet he wont give up his greasy foods or take aways - he seems to be always hungry - and in order to maintain - I need that out of my face!!!
Hey hun i think refeeding actually gave me the last push to forget about my food addiction!! You can eat but just certain things, very controlled and it helps! I was a real chocolate and never understood how people could have "just 1 piece" lol! I can now!!!

My oh is the same hun but now i just think more fool him, im slim and feel sexy and thats all that matters xxx


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The thing is hun, you've got to learn to resist those foods. Granted its not easy, but it has to be done. My hubby is very slim and I have a 10yr old daughter. My house too is full of Crisps, chocolate, nuts, popcorn, WINE, cakes, biscuits.....I could go on. They both ate fish chips and mushy peas last night and ordered a take out pizza for supper. At the end of they day I am always going to be surrounded by temptation, but have to learn to resist. We can do it together. COME ON GIRL....YOU CAN DO IT.
I agree Shaz..luckily in a way my little girl is lactose intolerant!! No chocloate for her or me lol xxx
The wine is probably the worst - I dont drink as such - well not since I had Clodagh but once a month I go down to a friend and we have a few glasses of wine and a catch up - im now going to dilute the wine with a diet drink but other than that I dont think ill drink.

Your right about the temptation - But I suppose Im doing it now - I dont eat anything at all so I no I can do it - well im praying I can!

I think ill be doing low fat and minimum carbs. I think I should limit myself to 1 small serving of carbs (bread, mash, chips or rice) a day. And cut out junk completely

I actually bought the cook yourself thin book the other day - so i will start getting the ingreditents for some of the best recipes.


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I maintained the five stone I lost on Lipotrim for well over a year...then it all went pear shaped when I went back to my old eating habits...then denial over takes all common sense :eek:

I do equate it to trying to stop smoking...you give up smoking and after a few months you convince yourself that you can just smoke one every now and then...The first one taste awful and you feel so delighted you try another just to make sure it did and then it is really too late the nicotine is back into the blood stream and you are hooked.

It is the same for me with sugary foods the first few you can take it or leave it the scales don't move...and then you find over weeks that you are taking a little more until you reach a point you convince yourself that you can now eat what you like...your cured:rolleyes:

After this caution is thrown to the wind and within another few months portion size becomes slightly bigger and bigger for the eye is bigger than the belly as this point, it is a false security and then before you know it as in my case I found myself back to eating all the things I said I would never eat again and the same old big portion sizes:cry:

As Shazpaz has said...
I'm afraid like most of us, you and me are never going to be able to eat the way we used to....thats what got us here in the first place

Vodka Queen

Eclipse lost over 8 stone with Lipotrim and I think she is three years maintaining her weight off.

Refeeding is key and Eclipse was one of he few I know of who did the refeeding to the letter and when she finds her weight going up as when she stopped smoking, well done Eclipse:happy096: she gets back on the wagon before it goes out of control.

Love Mini xxx
I went out on Fri hun and drank vodka and orange and havent gained weight! have to be carful with drinking at first though hun i had a bad experience after under estimating it xxx
So the key is to always be on gaurd - you are never invisible. I think this is where websites like this come in to keep you in check whenever you feel your eating is getting out of control

I actually done the whole smoking thing - I gave up in October 2006 and was off them for nearly a year and one night drunk I had a smoke - I didnt touch them for ages after that but I got in my head that I could be a social smoker and within weeks i was back smoking fully. I gave up again in Feb and still rely a little on Nicotine replacments but I can definatly relate to that. That might help a little when im re feeding - thanks for that mini.

Ye Tracy I read your posts after your night out!!! Im gonna be so careful when I do drink! My OH has promised me a brand new dress and a night on the tiles after I reach my goal - so maybe ill stick to water for a majority of the night.

I love what your chemist said shapaz about a fat person always being a fat person - its so true. But I was skinny first not fat so here's hoping!


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It really annoys me when I read reports like that on the net. It was the same when I did Atkins... "oh dont do atkins/Lipotrim its a quick fix then you pile it all back on again and more" duh, of course you will if you dont change your eating habits.

You always have the nay sayers that want to dis everything you do to lose weight. My theory is that they want you to stay where they are because they cant do it themselves.

This is not a quick fix its one of the hardest diets there is BUT it is a diet and as such when you reach your goal weight you cannot go back to how you ate beofre and its the same for ANY DIET!

Dont listen to them hun..... just know that after you must watch what you eat and follow all the guidelines.
You will do great Ally as long as you are postitive and determined xxx


Says it as it is!!!
Thats what worried me - she also said in the reveiw that her husband followed the maintanence plan perfectly and still put on the weight.

Im so worried now that I wont be able to cope after LT. Everyday I plan what im going to eat when I come off it and my main downfall is probably carbs and portion size.

It would kill me to put back on all my weight.
You know your problem....you are half way there you just need to be strict with yourself .....only you can change you!!!! Educate youself and be ready to resist and replace with good foods!!!!!

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