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Panorama- cheap food


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Been watching it this evening and it's very interesting, it kinda fits with sw being less processed food. It's made me more determined to grow my own and use a local veg shop and butcher, if I ate more (any) veg I'd probably just go veggie!
Has anyone watched it? Has it changed the way you shop and diet?
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i didnt get in till 9.10 but saw most of it STYScrapers and pigs that are fully grown in 5 months !!!!!!!!!! And battery cows never allowed outside !!!
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Will definately watch this online, thanks for the tip xxx


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It was so sad and depressing especially when they were showing that poor dairy farmer who lost his business to larger competitors. It has really made me think twice about shopping at supermarkets!!!


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I havn't watched it, although I'm intrigued now, and probably will, so I don't know what I'm talking about. But I always think at least they're making meat I can afford to buy :0S
I've also found that Jimmy's Food factory makes me never want to eat some things again - in particular Chewing Gum!!

I think SW has been the main reason I now eat as well as I do. Even at times when I'm not sticking to the plan I still don't eat processed food. It was 8 years ago when I first started SW and it really got me enjoying food and cooking, and now i'm known amongst my friends as being a great cook - which is good as I love it.

I'm a bit believer in that you get what you pay for food wise and programmes like panorama just reinforce that!


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I'm a little conflicted about the whole thing, i buy free range eggs but we're pretty poor so we have to buy cheap meat. I try not to buy processed/messed with/formed meats but its not always possible and not liking any veg other then potatoes and sweetcorn means going veggie would lead to malnurtishment (eventually ;) )
There is no such thing as cheap food. You may be paying less for it but someone or something, somewhere, is suffering as a result. The animal, the poorly-paid worker, the environment . . .


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The meat and eggs I buy are all locally sourced and organic/free range. It's been a long time since I have bought meat from a supermarket and refuse to eat any processed meat. I have been this way for years now. The thought actually turns my stomach, especially seeing people eating the crap from the likes of greggs.........eeeeeeeuuuuuuccchh!!
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There is no such thing as cheap food. You may be paying less for it but someone or something, somewhere, is suffering as a result. The animal, the poorly-paid worker, the environment . . .
Unless you grow your own. For example, salad leaves are expensive to buy, but can be grown for pennies all summer in a window box :)
I didn't see it but I've seen many programmes like this and it really has changed the way I buy food.
I buy all my meat from our local butcher - yes it's more expensive but the taste is far superior, it's locally sourced and I get exactly what I want. I just use less and bulk meals out with veg or potatoes. Also we eat less meat than we used to.
I grow much of my own veg, it takes a lot of time up but again, it's worth it. Processed foods don't really feature in our lives - the odd pack of supernoodles for "emergencies" but other than that I think if it's cheap, someone has suffered for it.

I've bought free range eggs for years. I get these locally too, they are a pound a dozen cheaper than Tesco.

I still spend too much money in Tesco. My new year's resolution is to go there less and use my storecupboard staples more.
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I buy most of my meat from the butchers and even make my own mince from the meats. I don't buy processed meats and I buy my veg from our dr's surgery as it's all from local farmers. Gotta look after your own.

Sometimes I buy veg from the supermarket, as the dr's surgery only sells one day a week, but I'm very much for supporting local farmers. We also grow our own veg in the summer, peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic.

I never saw the program, but have seen similar things before.

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